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exn (을씨년) hamburger song kpop 2022

The 4th Generation of K-Pop has created a wave of great music unlike any the world has ever seen.  These new artists are responsible for creating such hits such as EXN's Hamburger Song, Roku's Hamburger, and Hamster Powder Club's Hot Dog Dance, three classics which will forever stand in the annals of Sandwich Rock history.

Sandwich Rock K-Pop Comparison

Every year, Last Sandwich will compile a Top 10 K-Pop Singles list, allowing us to see how the current Sandwich Rock K-Pop compares to the mainstream Fandom K-Pop.  It's a fun exercise to see how this year's K-Pop sandwich songs stack up against the rest of mainstream music.  

Sandwich Song Tops List

So, after tallying up votes from our panel of judges, we were able to create our table of Top 10 K-Pop Songs for 2022.  As it turns out, EXN's Hamburger Song was chosen as this year's top single, proving once again that Sandwich Rock reigns supreme.

In addition, we've also included two honorable mentions that just barely missed the cut.  Check out this year's list below.

Top 10 K-Pop Songs Of 2022

1Hamburger SongEXN (을씨년) FT 릴보이 (lIlBOI)2022Sandwich Rock
3Heart Burn (열이올라요)Sunmi (선미)2022Fandom
4Hey Gabby! (안녕 개비!)NMIXX2022Fandom
5StarlightTAEIL (태일)2022Fandom
6DMfromis_9 (프로미스나인)2022Fandom
7But You (너라는 이유)iKON2022Fandom
8Polaroid LoveENHYPEN2022Fandom
10SmileyYENA (최예나)2022Fandom
11Thank YouBrave Girls (브레이브걸스)2022Fandom
12Still Life (봄여름가을겨울)BIGBANG2022Fandom

Let's examine each song individually below.

1.  Hamburger Song by EXN (을씨년)

EXN (을씨년) and 릴보이 (lIlBOI) do an excellent job showing the conflict between good hamburger vs evil hamburger, and how heavily it weighs on their minds.  In terms of music, the Hamburger Song currently stands on the Mount Rushmore of Sandwich Rock.

2.  Celeb By PSY

Bae Suzy (배수지).   That says it all.

3.  Heart Burn (열이올라요) By Sunmi (선미)

After seeing this video, who hasn't tried to do the Island Dance?  (At least, that's how we would describe it.)  Yet, it's the talented song writing that really stood out.  It's an incredible musicial work of art.   

4.  Hey Gabby! (안녕 개비!) By NMIXX

Meow, Meow.  Every year, artists and bands try to capitalize on people's love of cats by writing cutesy kitty songs.  Well, this is the breakout cute kitty song of the year.  

5.  Starlight by TAEIL (태일)

This singer has a great voice.  Plus, it follows the traditional formula for Korean drama love songs, and TAEIL knows how to push all the right buttons.  

6.  DM by fromis_9 (프로미스나인)

This may be the best K-Pop Girl Band dance single for 2022.  Music is in the air, the lights are flashing, and you can practically feel that groovy-like atmosphere.  Time to hit the clubs everybody!     

7.  But You (너라는 이유) by iKON

Rev up the engine, put the foot on the pedal, and just floor it!  This is the perfect music for driving aimlessly at night.  

8.  Polaroid Love by ENHYPEN

Still learning about this band.  But, it's really incredible music.

9.  TOMBOY by (G)I-DLE

The heavy guitar base sound really makes and breaks this song.  You can literally feel the fire and energy explode from the speakers, which is really... awesome.

10.  SMILEY by Yena (최예나) Featuring BIBI

One thing about Yena, she really is a great entertainer, and it's fun to watch her perform.  The energy and charisma she shows on both the screen and on the stage is addicting.  

Honorable Mentions

11.  Thank You by Brave Girls (브레이브걸스)

Another amazing dance tune for the clubs.

12.  Still Life (봄여름가을겨울) by BIGBANG

While we love this popular "mainstreak" (not a typo) K-Pop song that rocketed up the charts, it had a lot of great competition.  However, we still find ourselves listening to it from time to time.  

lucky zou zou cover 01

In some ways, Lucky Zou Zou (來去走走) is a secluded tropical paradise, hidden away from the real world and surrounded by nature.  Imagine drinking an ice cold beer underneath the trees, with the mountain landscape at your back, and eating food more delicious than anyone can imagine.  That's the feeling you have when eating at the Lucky Zou Zou.  

Romantic Hideaway

Located in New Taipei City, less than one block away from Danjin Denggong LRT (淡金鄧公站), it can be somewhat difficult to find.  But the journey itself can be its own reward.  Along with its neighboring shop, Maverick Cubano, they share tables underneath towering trees, surrounded by a variety of exotic plants and mountainside.  It's one of the most unique and beautiful places you can visit by train.  

In fact, the shop's so remote that it has become one of the best kept secrets in Taiwan, frequented by locals who are looking for a romantic hideaway, or a spot to meet with friends.  Lucky Zou Zou (來去走走) is truly a beautiful oasis, camouflaged high up north, away from the crowds of Taipei, and separated from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  

Buried Treasure

Now, if Lucky Zou Zou is a tropical paradise, then the Chicken Fajita Wrap would be its buried treasure, a delicious blend of chicken, vegetables, and fruits that captivates the senses.  It is absolutely one of the best sandwiches we have ever tasted.

It is rare to find a precious gem as tasty as the Chicken Fajita Wrap in this region, let alone the world, which makes the long journey to their shop even more worthwhile.  

Night Lights

And at night, when the glimmering lights are beckoning customers in, it becomes even more magical.  There is an effervescent neon glow that eminates from their shops, which can be seen from half a mile away, and it only adds to Lucky Zou Zou's mystical feeling.  It's the perfect romantic location for any couples retreat.  

So, if you are looking for some place special, a remote, romantic and secluded spot, then this is the perfect restaurant for you.  It's a beautiful, intimate oasis, especially in the evening hours.  


rushmore of injured athletes who win a title

Joey Chestnut has just carved himself into the Mount Rushmore of All-Time Injured Athletes Who Won A Title.  By winning with a ruptured tendon, hindered by crutches, and eating his way to a 15th title, Chestnut has cemented his legacy among the greatest athletes of all-time. 

Most everyone agrees that Chestnut's already reached the upper echelons of every major category in competitive eating.  However, today's championship victory was different.  Eventhough Joey was hobbled on one leg, facing one of the biggest obstacles of his career, he still managed to out-eat every other challenger and leave them choking in his dust.   And by doing so, ate his way onto a very short and distinguished list. 

Competitive Eating Is A Real Sport

Before we continue, let's address the elephant in the room... competitive eating is a real sport.  It takes months of preparation and training to reach the top of the eating championships, and it's just as challenging as any other athletic sport. 

Chestnut deserves to be recognized on the same level as Lebron James, Mike Trout, or even Wayne Gretzky.  Can any of those superstars eat 70 hotdogs in 10 minutes?  I truly doubt it.  So, let's put that question to rest and move on forward.  

True Champions Endure The Pain

By capturing his 15th Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest, on crutches nonetheless, Joey Chestnut has chiseled his way onto an exclusive list, one which includes sports legends such as Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan.  Whether it was a broken leg or the flu, both Woods and Jordan won titles while playing hurt.  

So, while Chestnut's feats are unparalled in the world of competitve eating, he has done something that very few in any sport has done.  He endured the pain and pushed himself to a 7th consecutive victory, even when the odds were heavily stacked against him.  That's the mark of a real champion.  

So, without further ado, here is the Mount Rushmore of the Greatest Athletes (from every sport) Who Won A Title While Injured.  

All-Time Mount Rushmore Of Injured Athletes Winning A Title

1Michael JordanBasketball1997Flu-like symptomsChicago BullsThe Flu Game
2Jim McMahonFootball1986Every Part Of BodyChicago BearsSuper Bowl XX
3Joey ChestnutCompetitive Eating2022Ruptured TendonSoloThe Hotdog Crutch
4Curt SchillingBaseball2004Sutured AnkleBoston Red SoxBloody Sock Game
5Willis ReedBasketball1970Thigh Muscle TearNew York KnicksReed At The Garden
6Tiger WoodsGolf2008Leg Stress FractureSoloU.S. Open Win
7Emmitt SmithFootball1993Separated ShoulderDallas CowboysPlayed With One Arm
8Kirk GibsonBaseball1988Two Bad LegsLos Angeles DodgersGibson Fist Pump
9Kerri StrugUSA Gymnastics1996Injured AnkleTeam USA (Olympics)The Perfect Vault

As you can see, we have placed Joey Chestnut 3rd in the rankings, just behind Michael Jordan and Jim McMahon, two superstars who helped define their sports with a toughness that few atheles have.

By winning the 2022 Mustard Belt on crutches, Chestnut has just joined that exclusive list.  

joey chestnut michael jordan 2022

If Joey Chestnut wins Nathan's Hotdog Competition tomorrow, he could join the Mount Rushmore of Championship Athletes competing injured.  Who will forget Michael Jordan and his infamous flu game?  Or Curt Schilling pitching for Boston in a bloody sock?  Or even Tiger Woods winning the U.S. Open on a broken leg?

All eyes will be on Joey Chestnut tomorrow, as many question whether this is the biggest challenge of his career.  For the first time ever, Chestnut will be competitive eating with a severe injury, after an unfortunate accident ruptured his tendon, that will force him to eat on crutches.  

Do You Believe In Miracles?

However, nothing may be more miraculous than a severely injured man eating over 70 hotdogs on hobbled legs.  Few realize the endurance and skill it takes to be successful in competitive eating, which can take months of both mental and physical training.  If Chestnut can pull off another Hotdog Eating Championship win, he could easily be mentioned in the same breath as Schilling, Woods, and yes... even Michael Jordan.

If we dive in even deeper, it could even be argued that Chestnut's Mustard Belts are more impressive than Jordan's six basketball titles with the Chicago Bulls.  With another win, Joey's 15 Hotdog Eating Championships would far surpass Jordan's 6 Basketball Championships.  Some could even argue that Jordan won his Championships in a team sport, while Chestnut had to win his Mustard Belts alone.

The Legacy Grows

However, that's a conversation saved for another day, as we wait for tomorrow's 2022 Nathan's Hotdog Eating Competition.  If Chestnut can win while injured, he will definitely be added to the "Mount Rushmore of Injured Athletes Winning a Title".

Chestnut will going for his 7th straight win, and 15th win overall, which will add to his illustrious collection of Mustard Belts.  Regardless the outcome, he is already the undisputed leader in Competitive Eating Hot Dog competitions, and nobody else comes even close.

lucky zou zou

There's always a feeling of romance in the air at the Lucky Zou Zou (來去走走).  With exquisite, delicious dishes prepared with the finest attention to detail, the food here will delight the taste buds and warm the belly.  It's the perfect place for date night or just hanging out with friends.  

Under The Neon Lights

At night, you can see the neon lights beckoning from a distance, creating a shining aura against the mountain landscape.  Although it's hidden away in the lush trees, Lucky Zou Zou is only a block away from the Danjin Denggong LRT Train Station (淡金鄧公站).

In the evening hours, as you look through the train's windows, you can see the glowing lights ricochet off the shop rooftops like a radiant rainbow.  It's really an amazing sight.

Bird Aviary

In addition to the great food, they also have a small bird aviary, with a number of different birds, and from time to time, a variety of other animals as well.  More recently, they added fish to the pond, which is frequented by a shy turtle who often hides in his shell.  As would be expected, the aviary lured in many wild, yet domesticated cats to the area.  At Lucky Zou Zou, people will really feel at one with nature.   

With delicious food, a variety of alcoholic beverages, and a naturistic atmosphere, it contains all the right elements for an intimate night with that special someone.  Romance is always in the air at Lucky Zou Zou.  



Korean artists EXN (을씨년) and lIlBOI (릴보이) recently released the best hamburger song of 2022, a funky number that encapluates the true essence of the Gen Z era, a true love-hate relationship between a girl and her hamburger.  

Who Are They?

EXN (을씨년), born Joo Hee-won (주희원) is a South Korean rapper who debuted under Unusual Sound in 2021.11  

Whiel Lil Boi (릴보이; stylized as lIlBOI), born Oh Seung-taek (오승택) is a South Korean rapper who debuted under GRDL as a member of Geeks in 2011. He later debuted as a solo artist in 2018.12  

Hamburger Song

On the outside, the song itself sounds like an inner battle between a woman and her love of hamburgers.  However, when you dive deeper into the lyrics, it becomes clear that it could represent any type of social connection, one where love and hate co-exist side by side.  That's why the track is so relatable.  Who hasn't experienced those kind of feelings and emotions at some point in life?  

This song could easily be an anthem for all love-hate relationships, one that is shared by people of every identity, whether it's flesh and blood or just a burger.  Yet, in all honesty, and partially due to our never-ending devotion for sandwiches both big and small, we truly hope her and the hamburger ride bilissfuly into the sunset together.  

Sandwich is life.  Sandwich is forever.  

Regardless of its meaning, one thing is certain, it's easily the best Hamburger song of the year!

Hamburger Song by EXN (을씨년) (Feat. 릴보이 (lIlBOI))


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