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lucky zou zou cover 01

In some ways, Lucky Zou Zou (來去走走) is a secluded tropical paradise, hidden away from the real world and surrounded by nature.  Imagine drinking an ice cold beer underneath the trees, with the mountain landscape at your back, and eating food more delicious than anyone can imagine.  That's the feeling you have when eating at the Lucky Zou Zou.  

Romantic Hideaway

Located in New Taipei City, less than one block away from Danjin Denggong LRT (淡金鄧公站), it can be somewhat difficult to find.  But the journey itself can be its own reward.  Along with its neighboring shop, Maverick Cubano, they share tables underneath towering trees, surrounded by a variety of exotic plants and mountainside.  It's one of the most unique and beautiful places you can visit by train.  

In fact, the shop's so remote that it has become one of the best kept secrets in Taiwan, frequented by locals who are looking for a romantic hideaway, or a spot to meet with friends.  Lucky Zou Zou (來去走走) is truly a beautiful oasis, camouflaged high up north, away from the crowds of Taipei, and separated from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  

Buried Treasure

Now, if Lucky Zou Zou is a tropical paradise, then the Chicken Fajita Wrap would be its buried treasure, a delicious blend of chicken, vegetables, and fruits that captivates the senses.  It is absolutely one of the best sandwiches we have ever tasted.

It is rare to find a precious gem as tasty as the Chicken Fajita Wrap in this region, let alone the world, which makes the long journey to their shop even more worthwhile.  

Night Lights

And at night, when the glimmering lights are beckoning customers in, it becomes even more magical.  There is an effervescent neon glow that eminates from their shops, which can be seen from half a mile away, and it only adds to Lucky Zou Zou's mystical feeling.  It's the perfect romantic location for any couples retreat.  

So, if you are looking for some place special, a remote, romantic and secluded spot, then this is the perfect restaurant for you.  It's a beautiful, intimate oasis, especially in the evening hours.  


lucky zou zou

There's always a feeling of romance in the air at the Lucky Zou Zou (來去走走).  With exquisite, delicious dishes prepared with the finest attention to detail, the food here will delight the taste buds and warm the belly.  It's the perfect place for date night or just hanging out with friends.  

Under The Neon Lights

At night, you can see the neon lights beckoning from a distance, creating a shining aura against the mountain landscape.  Although it's hidden away in the lush trees, Lucky Zou Zou is only a block away from the Danjin Denggong LRT Train Station (淡金鄧公站).

In the evening hours, as you look through the train's windows, you can see the glowing lights ricochet off the shop rooftops like a radiant rainbow.  It's really an amazing sight.

Bird Aviary

In addition to the great food, they also have a small bird aviary, with a number of different birds, and from time to time, a variety of other animals as well.  More recently, they added fish to the pond, which is frequented by a shy turtle who often hides in his shell.  As would be expected, the aviary lured in many wild, yet domesticated cats to the area.  At Lucky Zou Zou, people will really feel at one with nature.   

With delicious food, a variety of alcoholic beverages, and a naturistic atmosphere, it contains all the right elements for an intimate night with that special someone.  Romance is always in the air at Lucky Zou Zou.  


grilled sendwich shop

GRILLED SeNDWIsH is only a five minute walk from Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall MRT Station (國父紀念館), and it has a variety of different sandwiches, or as they like to say, sendwiches.  As traditionalists, we chose the classic grilled cheese sandwich, and it exceeded expectations.  

The staff was friendly, and the outdoor seating was adequate.  With space around the Sun Yat-sen area at a premium, just being able to sit down to enjoy a meal was pleasant.  


hung rui chen shop

Hung Rui Chen (洪瑞珍) has a sign above their shop that says "Taiwan No. 1 Sandwich", so naturally we wanted to try for ourselves.  However, there was a little problem with the staff and their service.  

Disappointing Customer Service

Long story short, we were sent out into the rain by Hung Rui Chen (洪瑞珍), and we didn't even get to try the sandwich.  It really put a damper on the whole mood.  

Luckily, there was a 2nd sandwich we purchased from another Hung Rui Chen shop in one of our bags.  So, we took the wrapper off at home, and that's the one we used for this review.  Basically, the sandwich was okay, but the service we experienced that day was quite impolite and confusing. 

Last Sandwich On Earth

So, here is the big question:  If I was dying, and I needed to choose my "last sandwich", would I choose one from Hung Rui Chen?

The answer is "No".  But, we have high standards and not every sandwich makes our Last Sandwich List.

To be perfectly frank, the No. 1 sandwich in Taiwan comes from Toasteria Cafe', and Hung Rui Chen (洪瑞珍) would not even be in our Top 10.  I am very curious why they put "Taiwan's No. 1 Sandwich" on all of their advertising, and will update this article if I ever get an answer to that question.  

Ending on a positive note, the restaurant's atmosphere was very pleasant, and the counter and floors were very clean.  I feel safe eating their food, and it seems very sanitary.  


IMG 8447

We have tried Grilled Cheese Sandwiches around the world, but the 3-Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich at the Toasteria Cafe' in Taipei is in a league of its own.  Once a small little sandwich stand less than a mile away, now they have a full scale restaurant that is packed almost everyday.

Sandwich Long Lost

On a sad note, however, recently they changed their menu and took our favorite sandwich off and replaced it with another.  There was a 3-Cheese Grilled Cheese and a Spicy Grilled Cheese sandwich that tasted like they were from another planet.  Sometimes after eating them, we could feel ourselves literally floating into heaven. 

So, when they took our favorite two sandwiches away, we were heartbroken.  While their other grilled sandwiches are also special, and still delicious, we've had to downgrade our Last Sandwich recommendation from a "Yes" to a "Maybe". 

Awaiting The Return

Hopefully, someday they will add our beloved 3-Cheese Grilled Cheese and Spicy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches back to the menu again.  Once again, those two sandwiches were out of this galaxy, and we still dream about them often.  

The lesson is that if you have a favorite sandwich, try to enjoy it as much as you can, because it can be taken away from you at any time.  


Jimmy Johns and the Vito Italiano

During those cold, winter days in Chicago, I remember calling Jimmy John's about a hundred times to get my daily fix of the Vito, along with some barbecue potato chips (and two cans of Dr. Pepper).  Within 20 minutes, they would be at my door.  Seriously, I still have dreams about their barbecue potato chips, and if you order from them, get at least two bags (one is never enough).

Sandwich Hall Of Fame

If there was a Sandwich Hall of Fame, then the Vito Italiano would automatically be inducted their 1st year.  It's rare that a fast-food franchise would make such a delicious sandwich, and maintain its quality for so many years.  In some ways, the Vito Italiano is the Tom Brady of sandwiches in terms of quality and longevity.  

When made right, the Vito Italiano Sandwich from Jimmy John's is out of this world.  All the perfect ingredients, salami, capicola, provolone cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, vinegar, and orgeno-basil.  It's one of the main things that I miss about America.

The First Sandwich

This may have been the first sandwich to ever make our Last Sandwich list.  It was so omnipresent in our sandwich world for so long, that it has reached legendary status. 

So, when we ask the eternal question, would we choose this as our Last Sandwich?   Well, the answer is as clear as day... Yes!

Hmmm... I also wonder if they will ship the barbecue potato chips overseas?