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kisu 기수 with JIN HONG cheeseburger top 10 k-pop song 2023

After scouring the world of K-Pop for this year's best songs, the writers of Last Sandwich voted the "Live" version of KISU's "Cheeseburger" as the undisputed Top K-Pop Single of 2023. 

Unbelievably, for the third year in a row, a song about a burger has won the award for Top K-Pop Single.  Previous winners include the 2022 hit smash, "Hamburger," by EXN, and 2021's tear-jerker, "Hamburger," by Roku.  In another shocker, at number two is another one of our favorite singers, Yena, with the exhuberent bubblegum popper, "Hate Rodrigo". 

Our entire list of Top 10 K-Pop Songs for 2023 are in the chart below.

Top 10 K-Pop Songs of 2023

1Cheeseburger (Live Version)KISU (with JINHONG) 기수 (with 진홍)
2Hate RodrigoYena (최예나)  (Feat. 우기 ((여자)아이들))
3Teddy BearSTAYC(스테이씨) 
4Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's WifeLE SSERAFIM (르세라핌) 
5FestivalSandara Park (산다라박)
6Like CrazyJimin (지민)
7TinnitusTXT (투모로우바이투게더)
8Back to the CityKep1er(케플러)
9CupidFifty Fifty (피프티피프티)
10Flash ForwardLE SSERAFIM (르세라핌)

Bonus Videos

Below are the MVs for all the songs contained in our list.

1.  Cheeseburger by KISU (with JINHONG)

In February of 2023, KISU and JINHONG performed the live version of their hit Sandwich Rock smash entitled "Cheeseburger".  Honestly, we must be in heaven because they're singing about our favorite thing... a sandwich.

Here is the original MV that was released in 2022.

2.  Hate Rodrigo (Feat. 우기 ((여자)아이들)) by Yena (최예나)

Yena has a knack for creating the most positive, uplifting songs in K-Pop. 

3.  Teddy Bear by STAYC(스테이씨) 

Originally, this tune was #10 on our list, however, it's gradually moved up the chart as the year progressed.  We've slowly grown to love the adorable cute nature of this song.

Of course, how can you show STAYC and Teddy Bear without showing the dance?  It's soooooo adorable!!

4.  Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's Wife by LE SSERAFIM (르세라핌) 

The dancing in their MV is phenomenal.  We should be judging the song on it's own merits, but the MV is just incredible.

5.  Festival by Sandara Park (산다라박)

Who doesn't love Dara?

6.  Like Crazy by Jimin (지민)

Great music, great singing, everything you can ask for in a Top 10 K-Pop song.

7.  Tinnitus by TXT (투모로우바이투게더)

Very original tune.

8.  Back to the City by Kep1er(케플러)

Kep1er was formed through an Mnet competion show called Girls Planet 999, and as a result, they ended up with 9 members.  To be honest, it's a little overwhelming trying to put names to all their faces.

9.  Cupid by Fifty Fifty (피프티피프티)

Decent song.

10.  Flash Forward by LE SSERAFIM (르세라핌)

Is there anything these girls can't do?

(Work in progress...)

sandara park 박산다라 top 50 songs 2NE1 eating sandwich

Sandara Park, or Dara, has always eaten sandwiches with style and grace, and that's why she's always been our favorite member of 2NE1. 

So, in tribute to Dara (and the rest of the group), we have decided to create a list of the Top 50 Favorite 2NE1 songs of all-time.

Top 50 Songs By 2NE1 (투애니원)

#Song (English)ArtistArtist (Korean)Year
1I Don't Care2NE1투애니원2009
2You and I (Bom Solo)2NE1투애니원2010
4Missing You2NE1투애니원2013
5Love Is Ouch2NE1투애니원2010
6Can't Nobody2NE1투애니원2010
7MTBD (CL Solo)2NE1투애니원2014
8In the Club2NE1투애니원2009
10If I Were You2NE1투애니원2014
11I Love You2NE1투애니원2012
13I Am the Best2NE1투애니원2011
14Go Away2NE1투애니원2010
15Falling in Love2NE1투애니원2013
16Don't Cry (Bom solo)2NE1투애니원2011
18Let's Go Party2NE1투애니원2009
19Stay Together2NE1투애니원2009
21I'm Busy2NE1투애니원2010
22It Hurts2NE1투애니원2010
23Scream (Japanese version)2NE1투애니원2012
24Be Mine2NE1투애니원2012
25Follow Me2NE1투애니원2010
26Hate You2NE1투애니원2011
27Do You Love Me2NE1투애니원2013
28Come Back Home2NE1투애니원2014
29Don't Stop the Music2NE1투애니원2010
30Lollipop (with Big Bang)2NE1투애니원2009
31Take The World On (Will.i.am ft. 2NE1)2NE1투애니원2013
32Like a Virgin (cover)2NE1투애니원2012
33Good to You2NE1투애니원2014
34Please Don't Go (CL and Minzy)2NE1투애니원2010
35Kiss (Dara solo featuring CL)2NE1투애니원2010
36Baby I Miss You2NE1투애니원2014
38Gotta Be You2NE1투애니원2014
39Pretty Boy2NE1투애니원2009
40I Don't Care (Raggae Remix)2NE1투애니원2012
41Clap Your Hands2NE1투애니원2010
43Getting' Dumb (Will.i.am ft. apl.de.ap 2NE1)2NE1투애니원2013
44She's So (Outta Control) (M-Flo ft. 2NE1)2NE1투애니원2012
45Come Back Home (Unplugged Version)2NE1투애니원2014
46Fire (Japanese version)2NE1투애니원2012
47Can't Nobody (English version)2NE1투애니원2010
48Lonely (Japanese version)2NE1투애니원2012
49Go Away (Japanese version)2NE1투애니원2011
50Don't Stop the Music (Kush version)2NE1투애니원2011

(Note:  Songs are assumed to be in the Korean language, unless otherwise specified.)

Songs That Stand-Out

Why can't they make K-Pop songs like this anymore?  "Missing You" has such a unique arrangement, and the singing by 2NE1 is superb.  Even the music video is different than what K-Pop girl groups make nowadays (today's videos are mostly dance, close-up, dance, close-up, and, sigh... more dance and close-ups).

2NE1's reign of domination ended way too soon.  This song was clearly ahead of its time.

Missing You (그리워해요) by 2NE1

"Fire" was the song that started it all.  2NE1 shot out of the gate right from the start, and it was a shot heard around the world.  It can't be overstated how much impact the Music Video "Fire" had when it came out.  Even in Chicago, we heard about it.

Fire by 2NE1

Best Of The Solos

Of course, every member of 2NE1 had their moment to shine, and these are the best two examples of that.  CL really got to show off her singing and dance chops with "MTBD". 

MTBD (멘붕) by CL (2NE1)

Everyone knows that Park Bom (Bom) has a phenomenal voice (that's putting it mildly).  No song displays her vocal range better than "You and I".  We jump back and forth about which solo effort from 2NE1 was the best, but this one is definitely in the Top Two.

Even if you don't know Korean, you can feel Bom's voice tell a story of love, romance, and heartbreak.  I've listened to the tune, "You and I", a million times and still don't know what it's about.  All I know is that it must be beautiful. 

You and I by Park Bom (2NE1)

Absolute Gems

There are three absolute diamonds in 2NE1's catalog, and they all sound like heaven.

The first song, of course, is "I Don't Care", which is the number one entry on our list (and every other 2NE1 fan's list).  The title and finger wagging says it all.

I Don't Care by 2NE1

The second song, "Love Is Ouch", is probably the most underrated 2NE1 song of all-time.  Why didn't they make an MV to promote it? 

It almost feels like you're in a dream...

Love Is Ouch by 2NE1

Finally, there's the 2NE1 classic, "In The Club", which was a fan favorite in the early rise of their careers.

In The Club by 2NE1

We hoped you enjoyed reading Last Sandwich's Top 50 List of Favorite 2NE1 songs.  Maybe someday they'll get back together again and make one last album.

We can only hope and pray.

sandara park 박산다라 new song 2NE1 eating sandwich

No one can chomp into a sandwich like Sandara Park (박산다라), otherwise known as Dara.  It's like watching an angel eat a rainbow, there is beauty in every bite that she takes.  So, we were ecstatic when Dara released her new MV entitled "Festival".

Festival by Sandara Park (박산다라)

5 Reasons We Worship Dara

There are a million reasons that we love watching Sandara Park (Dara).  We especially admire her hard work ethic and exuberant personality.  There's always a high level of excitement that surrounds her. 

In honor of Dara, these are the top five reasons we worship the ground she walks on.

1.  She's Great At Eating Sandwiches

There's plenty of reasons we idolize Sandara Parks, but the #1 reason is that she loves to eat sandwiches.


2.  She's Down To Earth And Humble

As you can see in the video below, Dara is very down to earth and even makes her own sandwich. 

3.  Dara TV - She Has Her Own TV Channel

There are certain inalienable joys in life that we can depend on, and one of those is Dara TV.  There's never been a Youtube channel that has mirrored an artist's personality more.  Once you start watching, it's hard to stop. 

Here's a "DaraLog" with her Abyss Company label mate "BamBam".  It's clearly a promotional piece, but it's still entertaining.

4.  She's Loyal To Her 2NE1 Bandmates

On her Dara TV channel, you can see how Sandara still does various media projects with her old 2NE1 bandmates.  In the video below, you can see her and Bom working together.

5.  She's Appreciative To The Philippines

According to Wikipedia, Sandara is also known as the "BoA of the Philippines", which is where she found early success.  Naturally, she visits there quite often and shows loyalty to the place that helped her reach stardom.

Here's a DaraTV video of her roughing it up in Palawan (a province of the Philippines).

By the way, researchers have found evidence in the Tabon Caves that humans have lived in Palawan for more than 50,000 years.  That's incredible!

Those are the main reasons that we appreciate Dara (Sandara Park).  In our minds, she will always be the "sporty" singer from 2NE1, but it's fun to watch her continued success as an artist and media personaility. 

top 25 songs Choi Yena 최예나 상위 25곡

In celebration of Choi Yena's (최예나) new album, HATE XX, the folks at Last Sandwich wanted to honor our most treasured sandwich eater by examining her stratospheric rise to stardom.  In addition, we wanted to update our list of favorite Yena songs.

So, without further ado, here is our list of Top 25 Choi Yena (최예나) songs.

Top 25 Songs by Yena (최예나)

#Song (English)ArtistYearOutlet
1WithOrWithOutYena (최예나)2022 
2SMILEY (Ft. BIBI)Yena (최예나)2022 
3Make U SmileYena (최예나)2022 
4Lemon-AidYena (최예나)2022 
5Hate Rodrigo (Ft. YUQI)Yena (최예나)2023 
6Wash AwayYena (최예나)2023 
7I Don't Care (cover) (ft. Lee Mu-jin)Yena (최예나)2022Leemujin Service
8UYena (최예나)2022 
9Lxxk 2 UYena (최예나)2022 
10VacayYena (최예나)2022 
11Look At Me (바라봐줘요) (cover)Yena (최예나)2021Instagram
12Pretty BoysYena (최예나)2022 
13The Giving TreeYena (최예나)2022 
14Hello (cover)Yena (최예나)2023Leemujin Service
15Maria (cover)Yena (최예나)2022New Festa
16Intro; Love Is OverYena (최예나)2023 
17Wicked LoveYena (최예나)2023 
18Love War (Ft. BE'O)Yena (최예나)2023 
19SmartPhoneYena (최예나)2022 
20Bad HobbyYena (최예나)2023 
21Before Anyone ElseYena (최예나)2022 
22I Can't (못해) (feat. 美) Yena (최예나)2021The King of Masked Singer (MBTI)
23Only One (최예나 - 온리 원)  (cover)Yena (최예나)2022입덕 LIVE
24Why Don't You Know (cover)Yena (최예나)2021The King of Masked Singer (MBTI)
25My First and Last (cover)Yena (최예나)2023Leemujin Service

Before we continue with our examination of Yena's amazing short body of work, let's examine some of the key elements on our list. 

Latest Album

Yena's latest album, HATE XX, contains just 3 songs, however, they all carry a unique style of their own.  While it's a fairly limited EP, it's definitely a unique departure from her earlier work.  We applaud Yena for tying something different.

Hate Rodrigo (Feat. 우기 ((여자)아이들)) by Yena (최예나)

Here's the latest "controversial" release that's been in all the headlines.  We plan on addressing that ridiculous debacle in a future post (Rodrigo should be thanking Yena!!).  Until then, here is her best song from the recent album.

Best Cover Song Ever!

One of the things we appreciate about Yena is her innate talent for selecting the most memorable and catchy tunes as her covers.

Which is why, when she picked 2NE1's most popular song, "I Don't Care", to be one of her covers on the "Leemujin Service" Youtube Channel, we were pleasantly surprised, as well as impressed, by her cover-choosing capabilities.

Growing up in Chicago, I had few friends who even heard of 2NE1, let alone any of their songs.  So, when friends would drive in my car, I would blast and play "I Don't Care" over and over again on the speakers.  Each time, wagging my finger to the chorus.  And after a while, all my friends would be singing "I Don't Care" and wagging their fingers too. 

Somewhere in our hearts, we're sure Yena did the same thing growing up (as well as most of 2NE1's fans).  That finger wagging is contagious!

And, as a side note, Lee Mu-jin has an amazing voice... wow.  We just had to mention that.

I Don't Care (Cover) by Yena (최예나)

Bonus Videos

As an added bonus, here are two of our favorite Choi Yena songs.

Look At Me (바라봐줘요) (Cover) by Yena (최예나)

The first one is a classic from the vault, and always strikes a warm chord in our hearts.

Wash Away by Yena (최예나)

And this is our favorite song from her previous album.

Disclaimer:  We can not 100% guarantee the accuracy of our list, since we relied solely on the English search results.  However, we tried our best!!

mc hot dog golden melody award 金曲獎

MC HotDog (熱狗) lost a hard fought battle with Hush for Best Male Singer (Madarin) at the 34th Golden Melody Awards (2023) on Saturday Night.  Although, he still won the hearts of millions with his 2022 album, Mr. Yao’s 8th Grade Syndrome.

The 34th Golden Melody Awards took place on July 1st, 2023, and the nominees in the Best Male Singer category included such established artists as HUSH, The Crane, Kumacha, Wu Qing-feng, Zhao Lei, and of course, MC HotDog.

Let it be noted that MC HotDog won a previous GMA statue for his first studio album, Wake Up, at the 18th Golden Melody Awards (2007). That album won for the Best Mandarin Album, so he was already recognized as a premiere GMA artist, which may have had an influence on some voters.

Eventhough MC HotDog didn't take home the trophy, we were still blessed with his album.  As an homage to a great year, here is our Top 10 List for "Mr. Yao's 8th Grade Syndrome (姚中二)". 

Top 10 Songs from Mr. Yao's 8th Grade Syndrome (姚中二)

1Sugar Mommy (阿姨)MC HotDog (熱狗)2022
2Used To (早就)MC HotDog (熱狗)2022
3Ladyboy (ft. 馬念先)MC HotDog (熱狗)2022
4I Know Nothing Other Than Rapping (除了說唱我什麼都不會)MC HotDog (熱狗)2022
5NFTMC HotDog (熱狗)2022
6Last Dance (最後一支舞)MC HotDog (熱狗)2022
7The Emperor's New Song ((國王的新歌))MC HotDog (熱狗)2022
8Lab Rats (白老鼠)MC HotDog (熱狗)2022
9Life Goes OnMC HotDog (熱狗)2022
10They Ain’t Rappers At All (他們根本不是)MC HotDog (熱狗)2022
11My Very First Song (我的第一首歌)MC HotDog (熱狗)2022

As an additional bonus, here's two of our favorite songs from that same album.

Bonus Songs

阿姨 Sugar Mommy by MC HotDog 熱狗

Ladyboy (ft. 馬念先) by MC Hotdog (熱狗)

(work in progress...)

Note:  The Golden Melody Awards (金曲獎), commonly abbreviated as GMA, is an honor awarded by Taiwan's Ministry of Culture to recognize outstanding achievement in the Mandarin, Taiwanese Hokkien, Hakka, and Formosan-languages popular and traditional music industry. (Wikipedia, 2023)

panini brunch 파니니 브런치 top 50 songs lastsandwich

Panini Brunch (파니니 브런치) is an amazing singer from South Korea, who carved an unusual niche in the world of Sandwich Rock over the last decade.  While much of her music centers on slow love songs, which share stories of romance and heartbreak, she also built a catalog of upeat K-Pop songs as well. 

She made her debut in the music industry with ‘Cold Wind Blows (Ft. Baksal)’ in 2015, and has been a very popular singer for years.  According to various news sources, Panini Brunch (파니니 브런치) has been steadily gaining a fanbase through a number of popular OST's (original soundtracks).  For those who aren't aware, the OST (original soundtrack) is an integral part of any South Korean drama. The songs regularly top the music charts and the lead actors often feature on the tracks too.

In honor of her amazing catalog of Sandwich Rock music, here's the Last Sandwich list of Top 50 Songs from Panini Brunch.

Top 50 Songs By Panini Brunch (파니니 브런치)

#SongArtist (English)Artist (Korean)Year
1When the Cold Wind Blows (Ft. Baksal)Panini Brunch파니니 브런치2015
2SoftlyPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2018
3I Listen To This Song TodayPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2021
4DarlingPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2023
5Shy GlancePanini Brunch파니니 브런치2016
6My Heart Is PoundingPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2019
7Tell Me It's PrettyPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2021
8PartingPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2022
9Riding A Bus AlonePanini Brunch파니니 브런치2016
10Beautiful MemoriesPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2016
11Already Been A YearPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2017
12Do You RememberPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2016
13OnlyPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2016
14Run To YouPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2018
15The Night I Miss You (ft. Lime)Panini Brunch파니니 브런치2018
16Would You Know My HeartPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2023
17Still TodayPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2023
18I Still Need YouPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2021
19Cherry Blossoms Come OutPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2016
20The Last GoodbyePanini Brunch파니니 브런치2022
21Sometimes I Miss YouPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2022
22AlreadyPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2018
23White WonderlandPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2017
24Traces Of YouPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2021
25I Like ItPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2020
26Tell Me WhyPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2023
27Abyss Of SorrowPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2023
28Can I Say I Love You?Panini Brunch파니니 브런치2019
29Me In LongingPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2023
30Again WinterPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2021
31Just GoPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2020
32Want To Do Something NicePanini Brunch파니니 브런치2019
33More And More (ft. Ha Jin Woo)Panini Brunch파니니 브런치2018
34More Than UsualPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2017
35Come BackPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2021
36How Do U DoPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2022
37I Need You To Tell MePanini Brunch파니니 브런치2017
38Do You Want To Meet TodayPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2017
39I Want To Confess FirstPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2020
40Please Don't Look So PrettyPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2017
41I Didn't Know It Was So Hard For YouPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2020
42How Do You Break UpPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2022
43Autumn Night Street LampPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2019
44Come To Me (Ft. DJ Deborah)Panini Brunch파니니 브런치2021
45To Reach YouPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2022
46When I Loved You (Ft. DJ Deborah)Panini Brunch파니니 브런치2019
47Spring RoadPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2018
48I Love YouPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2020
49Only Me LovePanini Brunch파니니 브런치2023
50Call Your Name (Ft. Baksal)Panini Brunch파니니 브런치2016

Breath Of Fresh Air

All of Panini Brunch's songs have an air of freshness that soothe the listener into a state of complete relaxation.  Here are some of our favorite songs from the list above.

Softly by Panini Brunch

Shy Glance by Panini Brunch

When the Cold Wind Blows by Panini Brunch

Favorite OSTs

After going through her collection of Original Soundtrack songs (OSTs), these were two of our favorites.  As you listen to each song, you can almost feel the romance or heartbreak the lead characters are experiencing in each episode's climax. 

We've never seen either show, but we could feel the beautiful, intense energy eminating through her voice.

Parting by Panini Brunch

Beautiful Memories by Panini Brunch

(Work in progress...)