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white sox jake burger athletes with last name of burger

After watching Jake Burger's Grand Slam at Sunday afternoon's White Sox game, we were highly taken by his unusual last name.  How many professional athletes in the World have the word "Burger" in their name? 

So, in honor of Jake Burger's phenomenal winning performance against Detroit, we decided to make a list of the Top 50 professional athletes with "Burger" in their name.  (We've highlighted Jake's name as a reference point.)

Top 50 Athletes With The Name Burger

1Albert BurgerAlpine SkierGermany OlympicAlpine Sier
2Todd Burger (Todd Richard)American FootballChicago BearsOG
3Vreny BurgerArcherySwitzerland OlympicsArcher
4Jake BurgerBaseballWhite Sox3rd Base
5Mark HamburgerBaseballTexas RangersPitcher
6Chuck BurgerBridgeAmerican11-Time National Bridge Champion
7Guillaume BurgerCanoerFrance Sprint World ChampionshipSprint Canoer
8Anina Burger (Anna Adriana)CricketSouth AfricaRight-Handed Batter
9Christopher George de Villiers BurgerCricketSouth AfricaRight-Handed Batter/Right-Arm Medium
10Jan-Berry Burger (Andries Johannes)CricketNambiaRight-Handed Batter/Right-Arm Let Break
11Louis Burger (Louis Jacobus)CricketNambiaRight-Handed Batter/Right-Arm Medium
12Sarel Burger (Sarel Francois)CricketNambiaRight-Handed Batter/Right-Arm Med-Fast
13Bernie Burger (Kola Bernie)CricketNambiaRight-Handed Batter/Left-Arm Medium
14Nandre BurgerCricketSouth AfricaLeft-Handed Batter/Right-Arm Med-Fast
15Patrick BurgerCross Country SkierItalyCross Country Skier
16Paul BurgerCycle SportBelgiumRacing Cyclist
17Dietmar BurgerDartsAustriaDarts Player
18Chere BurgerEquestrianSouth AfricaDressage Rider
19Fritzi Burger (Friederike)Figure SkatingAustrian Olympic MedalistFigure Skater
20Heinrich BurgerFigure SkatingGerman Olympic ChampionPairs Figure Skating
21Jake BurgerFootball (Soccer)Luton Town F.C.Midfielder
22Wouter BurgerFootball (Soccer)FC BaselMidfielder
23Nina BurgerFootball (Soccer)SC Sand (Austria) / Houston DashForward
24Korbinian BurgerFootball (Soccer)Erzgebirge Aue (Germany)Centre-back
25Cindy BurgerFootball (Soccer)NetherlandsMidfielder
26Patrick BürgerFootball (Soccer)SC Pinkafeld (Austria)Forward
27Stefan MeusburgerFootball (Soccer)FC Wacker Innsbruck (Austria)Defender
28Joop BurgersFootball (Soccer)Netherlands National TeamMidfielder
29Jaroslav BurgerFootball (Soccer)CzechoslovakiaMidfielder
30Adolf BurgerFootball (Soccer)CzechoslovakiaMidfielder
31Karl BurgerFootball (Soccer)Germany OlympicMidfielder/Coach
32Cindy BurgerFootball (Soccer)The Hague, NetherlandsMidfielder
33Kai BurgerFootball (Soccer)SC Fortuna KölnForward
34Jiří BurgerHockeyHC Vítkovice RideraForward
35Hubert BurgerLugeItaly FIL ChampionshipsLuger
36Karin BurgerNetballNew ZealandGK, GD, WD
37Erin BurgerNetballSouth Africa National TeamC, WA, WD
38Magdalena BurgerNordic CombinedSC Partenkirchen (Germany)Cross-Country Skiing and Ski Jumping
39Peter BurgerPentathlonSwitzerlandPentathlete
40Lynette BurgerRoad Bicycle RacingSouth AfricaRoad Cyclist
41Schalk BurgerRugby UnionSacacensFlanker
42Jacques BurgerRugby UnionSaracensFlanker
43Philip BurgerRugby UnionSouth AfricaFullback
44Schalk Burger GeldenhuysRugby UnionNorthern Transvaal (Blue Bulls)Flanker
45Tienie Burger (Martinus Abraham)Rugby UnionSouthern KingsFlanker/Lock
46Sándor BurgerSailingHungarySailor
47Burger LambrechtsShot PutterSouth AfricaShot Putter
48Marni BurgerSwimmingAustraliaButterfly
49Cindy BurgerTennisNetherlandsSingles and Doubles
50Elizabeth BurgerTennisUSASingles and Doubles
51Inga BurgerTennisGermanySingles and Doubles
52Maretha BurgerTennisSouth AfricaSingles and Doubles
53Danie Burger (Michael Daniel)Track and FieldOlympics South AfricaHurdles, Pole Vault, Relay

Note:  All the names on this list were taken from multiple sources, and we can not guarantee that the list is 100% accurate.  However, all references are listed below.  Also, we tried to exclude athletes from learning institutions (college, high school, etc.) as well.

(Work in progress...)

rushmore of injured athletes who win a title

Joey Chestnut has just carved himself into the Mount Rushmore of All-Time Injured Athletes Who Won A Title.  By winning with a ruptured tendon, hindered by crutches, and eating his way to a 15th title, Chestnut has cemented his legacy among the greatest athletes of all-time. 

Most everyone agrees that Chestnut's already reached the upper echelons of every major category in competitive eating.  However, today's championship victory was different.  Eventhough Joey was hobbled on one leg, facing one of the biggest obstacles of his career, he still managed to out-eat every other challenger and leave them choking in his dust.   And by doing so, ate his way onto a very short and distinguished list. 

Competitive Eating Is A Real Sport

Before we continue, let's address the elephant in the room... competitive eating is a real sport.  It takes months of preparation and training to reach the top of the eating championships, and it's just as challenging as any other athletic sport. 

Chestnut deserves to be recognized on the same level as Lebron James, Mike Trout, or even Wayne Gretzky.  Can any of those superstars eat 70 hotdogs in 10 minutes?  I truly doubt it.  So, let's put that question to rest and move on forward.  

True Champions Endure The Pain

By capturing his 15th Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest, on crutches nonetheless, Joey Chestnut has chiseled his way onto an exclusive list, one which includes sports legends such as Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan.  Whether it was a broken leg or the flu, both Woods and Jordan won titles while playing hurt.  

So, while Chestnut's feats are unparalled in the world of competitve eating, he has done something that very few in any sport has done.  He endured the pain and pushed himself to a 7th consecutive victory, even when the odds were heavily stacked against him.  That's the mark of a real champion.  

So, without further ado, here is the Mount Rushmore of the Greatest Athletes (from every sport) Who Won A Title While Injured.  

All-Time Mount Rushmore Of Injured Athletes Winning A Title

1Michael JordanBasketball1997Flu-like symptomsChicago BullsThe Flu Game
2Jim McMahonFootball1986Every Part Of BodyChicago BearsSuper Bowl XX
3Joey ChestnutCompetitive Eating2022Ruptured TendonSoloThe Hotdog Crutch
4Curt SchillingBaseball2004Sutured AnkleBoston Red SoxBloody Sock Game
5Willis ReedBasketball1970Thigh Muscle TearNew York KnicksReed At The Garden
6Tiger WoodsGolf2008Leg Stress FractureSoloU.S. Open Win
7Emmitt SmithFootball1993Separated ShoulderDallas CowboysPlayed With One Arm
8Kirk GibsonBaseball1988Two Bad LegsLos Angeles DodgersGibson Fist Pump
9Kerri StrugUSA Gymnastics1996Injured AnkleTeam USA (Olympics)The Perfect Vault

As you can see, we have placed Joey Chestnut 3rd in the rankings, just behind Michael Jordan and Jim McMahon, two superstars who helped define their sports with a toughness that few atheles have.

By winning the 2022 Mustard Belt on crutches, Chestnut has just joined that exclusive list.  

joey chestnut michael jordan 2022

If Joey Chestnut wins Nathan's Hotdog Competition tomorrow, he could join the Mount Rushmore of Championship Athletes competing injured.  Who will forget Michael Jordan and his infamous flu game?  Or Curt Schilling pitching for Boston in a bloody sock?  Or even Tiger Woods winning the U.S. Open on a broken leg?

All eyes will be on Joey Chestnut tomorrow, as many question whether this is the biggest challenge of his career.  For the first time ever, Chestnut will be competitive eating with a severe injury, after an unfortunate accident ruptured his tendon, that will force him to eat on crutches.  

Do You Believe In Miracles?

However, nothing may be more miraculous than a severely injured man eating over 70 hotdogs on hobbled legs.  Few realize the endurance and skill it takes to be successful in competitive eating, which can take months of both mental and physical training.  If Chestnut can pull off another Hotdog Eating Championship win, he could easily be mentioned in the same breath as Schilling, Woods, and yes... even Michael Jordan.

If we dive in even deeper, it could even be argued that Chestnut's Mustard Belts are more impressive than Jordan's six basketball titles with the Chicago Bulls.  With another win, Joey's 15 Hotdog Eating Championships would far surpass Jordan's 6 Basketball Championships.  Some could even argue that Jordan won his Championships in a team sport, while Chestnut had to win his Mustard Belts alone.

The Legacy Grows

However, that's a conversation saved for another day, as we wait for tomorrow's 2022 Nathan's Hotdog Eating Competition.  If Chestnut can win while injured, he will definitely be added to the "Mount Rushmore of Injured Athletes Winning a Title".

Chestnut will going for his 7th straight win, and 15th win overall, which will add to his illustrious collection of Mustard Belts.  Regardless the outcome, he is already the undisputed leader in Competitive Eating Hot Dog competitions, and nobody else comes even close.

reza aslan above average parody

Almost 8 years ago, on July 26, 2013, Reza Aslan appeared in an interview on Fox News and made meme history by defending his book and himself against an unprepared news host.  From start to finish, anyone who saw the interview walked away impressed by Aslan's ability to counter every attack thrown at him.  

Hotdog Comedy At Its Best

Five days later, on July 31, 2013, a Comedy Channel named "Above Average" created a hilarious parody that imagined what would happen if Aslan were defending his hotdog eating abilities instead of his book on religion.  It is quite an interesting and humorous metaphor.  

Below is the original interview between Reza Aslan and the Fox News Host.

And now here is the Above Average parody of a comedian pretending to be Aslan defending his ability to competively eat hotdogs.   

The most fascinating thing is that they chose Competitive Hotdog Eating as the main metaphor in this parody.  It shows us how a sandwich can represent something more than just food.  It can also be used as a tool to express an idea and give commentary on everyday life.  

Joey Chestnut Legend Grows

The legend of Joey Chestnut continues to grow as he claimed his 14th Nathan's Hotdog Eating Championship last weekend by eating 76 Hotdogs and Buns in 10 minutes.  He broke his previous World Record of 75 in a unparalleled display of sandwich eating dominance. 

The next closest competitor was Geoffrey Esper in 2nd place, finishing with an impressive total of 50 Hotdogs and Buns.  However, we feel it's fair to say that Chestnut blew away his competition and it wasn't even close.  In the world of Competive Eating, we may never see this level of excellence again, so we should enjoy it while we can.

Currently, Joey Chestnut holds 46 World Records in 46 different disciplines, which is a World Record for World Records.1  In order to fully understand the Chestnut phenomenon, we have to take a look at his current slate of achievements.

Joey Chestnut's List of World Records1

Type of FoodWorld RecordLocation or EventTime (Minutes)Date
Hot Dogs76 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs and BunsConey Island, Brooklyn, New York City10July 4th, 2021
Pork, Pulled Sandwiches45 pulled pork sandwiches(location unknown)10Sept. 1, 2007
Tacos, Taco Bell53 soft beef tacosTaco Bell10July 29, 2011
Chicken Wings, 12 minutes7.61 lbs Buffalo Chicken Wings(location unknown)12September 2, 2012
Chicken Wings, Long form182 chicken wings(location unknown)30(date unknown)
Hamburgers: Krystals103 Krystal Burgers(location unknown)8October 28, 2007
Meat Pies23 6oz Meat PiesSilver Slipper Meat Pie Eating Championship10March 5, 2016
Donuts, Glazed55 Glazed DonutsSalvation Army National Donut Day8June 2, 2017
Eggs141 Hard Boiled Eggs(location unknown)8Oct. 5, 2013
Asparagus12 lbs 8.75 oz Deep Fried Asparagus SpearsStockton Asparagus Festival10Apr. 26, 2014
Pork Ribs13.76 lb pork rib meatJohn Ascuaga's Nugget12August 28, 2013
Corned Beef Sandwiches20 8-oz sandwichesTooJay's Corned Beef Eating Championship10March 17, 2012
Apple Pie4.375 Three-Pound Apple PiesMapleside Farms8Sept. 13, 2013
Philly CheeseSteaks23 6" sandwichesDorney Park10May 14, 2011
Funnel Cake5.9 lbsKings Dominion10May 23, 2009
Fish Tacos30 6oz. Joeys Seafood Restaurants Fish Tacos(location unknown)5August 7, 2014
Tacos, Traditional (Three-Inch Tortilla)126 TacosMystic Lake Casino Hotel8May 5, 2017
Mutton Sandwiches81 4oz SandwichesOwensboro International Bar-B-Q Festival10May 12, 2018
Jalapeno Poppers118 Jalapeno PoppersUniversity of Arizona10April 8, 2006
Pepperoni Rolls36 Pepperoni RollsWV Three Rivers Festival10May 27, 2017
Shrimp Wontons390 shrimp wontonsCP Biggest Eater Competition 2011-128February 11, 2012
Pork, Pulled9 Pounds, 6 Ounces Smoked, Pulled PorkHorseshoe Casino Council Bluffs10Sept. 16, 2006
Horseshoe Sandwiches6 lbs, 5 oz horseshoe sandwiches(location unknown)12(date unknown)
Pork, Pulled Sliders62 pulled pork sliders(location unknown)10March 28, 2014
San Pedro Fish Market Shrimp7lb San Pedro Fish Market ShrimpSan Pedro, CA8May 28, 2018
Canteen Sandwiches18.5 Canteen SandwichesOttumwa, IA10June 2, 2018
Gyros30 8-oz GyrosNiko Niko's Gyros10May 15, 2016
Burritos, Long Form14.5 lbs burritosIllegal Pete's Burritos10May 28, 2016
Twinkies121 TwinkiesBally's Casino-Tunica6Oct. 26, 2013
Boysenberry Pie14.5lb of pieKnotts Berry Farm8March 19, 2016
Tamales102 TamalesLewisville Western Days Festival12Sept. 29, 2012
Gyoza384 Day-Lee Foods gyozaLos Angeles Nisei Week10August 16, 2014
Pastrami25 7oz half Katz's Delicatessen Pastrami Sandwiches(location unknown)10June 2, 2013
Gumbo15 16oz bowls (1.875 gallons)World Record Gumbo8November 7, 2015
Ice-Cream Sandwiches25.5 Baked Bear Ice-Cream SandwichesSan Diego, CA6June 3, 2018
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches47 grilled cheese sandwiches(location unknown)10June 10, 2006
Poutine28 lbSmoke's Poutinerie Poutine10Oct. 19, 2019
Shrimp Cocktail18lb 9.6oz St. Elmo Shrimp CocktailIndianapolis, IN8December 1, 2018
Hostess® Donettes®257 Hostess® Donettes®Philadelphia, PA6June 1, 2018
Salt Potatoes13 lbs Salt PotatoesWild Carp Week10May 14, 2011
Turkey (Whole)9.35 lbs whole turkeyFoxwoods Turkey Eating Championship10November 22, 2014
Pierogi165 PierogiHorseshoe Casino8October 8, 2014
White Hut Cheeseburgs52 CheeseburgsThe Big E Fair10September 23, 2017
Pizza Hut P'Zones7.5 Pizza Hut P'ZonesPizza Hut Chow-Lenge @ Spike Awards10June 4, 2011
Kolache Factory Kolaches56 Sausage and Cheese KolachesKolache Factory in Houston, TX8Sept. 14, 2007
Brain Tacos54 Brain TacosZombie Pub Crawl8Oct. 12, 2013
Croquetas185 Catalina croquetasMiami, FL8March 10, 2019

(This is a work in progress and we will continuously update this chart.  Updated 7/7/2021.)

1.  Major League Eating:  Link

All-Time List of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Champions

In celebration of the 4th of July and the 245th Birthday of America, we have created a list honoring the last 50 plus years of Nathan's World Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. 

Over the last week, we have been searching for an easy-to-read list of previous contest winners to no avail, so we decided to create our own.

All-Time List of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Champions

YearChampion (Men's or Unisex)Hot DogsChampion (Women's)Hot DogsTime
Eat OffDateEvent
2023Joey Chestnut62Miki Sudo39.5107/4/2023Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2022Joey Chestnut63Miki Sudo40107/4/2022Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2021Joey Chestnut76Michelle Lesco30.75107/4/2021Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2020Joey Chestnut75Miki Sudo48.5107/4/2020Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2019Joey Chestnut71Miki Sudo31107/4/2019Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2018Joey Chestnut74Miki Sudo37107/4/2018Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2017Joey Chestnut72Miki Sudo41107/4/2017Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2016Joey Chestnut70Miki Sudo38.5107/4/2016Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2015Matt Stonie62Miki Sudo38107/4/2015Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2014Joey Chestnut61Miki Sudo34107/4/2014Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2013Joey Chestnut69Sonya Thomas36.75107/4/2013Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2012Joey Chestnut68Sonya Thomas45107/4/2012Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2011Joey Chestnut62Sonya Thomas40107/4/2011Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2010Joey Chestnut54Unisex Event107/4/2010Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2009Joey Chestnut68Unisex Event107/4/2009Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2008Joey Chestnut59Unisex Event10X7/4/2008Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2007Joey Chestnut66Unisex Event127/4/2007Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2006Takeru Kobayashi53.75Unisex Event127/4/2006Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2005Takeru Kobayashi49Unisex Event127/4/2005Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2004Takeru Kobayashi53.5Unisex Event127/4/2004Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2003Takeru Kobayashi44Unisex Event127/4/2003Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2002Takeru Kobayashi50.5Unisex Event127/4/2002Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2001Takeru Kobayashi50Unisex Event127/4/2001Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
2000Kazutoyo Arai25Unisex Event127/4/2000Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1999Steve Keiner21.5Unisex Event127/4/1999Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1998Hirofumi Nakajima19Unisex Event127/4/1998Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1997Hirofumi Nakajima24.5Unisex Event127/4/1997Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1996Hirofumi Nakajima23.25Unisex Event1212/4/1996One-On-One Challenge With Japan
1996Ed Krachie22Unisex Event127/4/1996Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1995Ed Krachie19.5Unisex Event127/4/1995Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1994Mike DeVito20Unisex Event127/4/1994Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1993Mike DeVito17Unisex Event127/4/1993Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1993Mike DeVito18Unisex Event1210/27/1993One-On-One Challenge With Japan
1992Frankie Dellarosa19Unisex Event127/4/1992Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1991Frankie Dellarosa21Unisex Event127/4/1991Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1990Mike DeVito/Jay Green15Unisex Event127/4/1990Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1989Jay Green15.5Unisex Event127/4/1989Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1988Jay Green10Unisex Event127/4/1988Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1987Don Wolfman13.5Unisex Event107/4/1987Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1986Mark Heller15Unisex Event107/4/1986Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1986Hiroaki Tominaga10.5Unisex Event102/11/1986One-On-One Challenge With Japan
1985Oscar Rodriguez11Unisex Event127/4/1985Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1984Birgit Felden9.5Birgit Felden (Unisex Event)9.5107/4/1984Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1983Emil Gomez10.5Unisex Event107/4/1983Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1982Steven Abrams11Unisex Event107/5/1982Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1981Thomas DeBerry11Unisex Event57/4/1981Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1980Joe Baldini/Paul Siederman9.75Unisex Event10X7/4/1980Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1979Luther Frazier/Jim Mattner14Unisex Event10X7/4/1979Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1978Manel Hollenback/Kevin Sinclair10Unisex Event6.5Memorial DayNathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1975Lonnie Brown8Sharlene Smith8.53.5Memorial DayNathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1974Walter Paul/Paul Sirop-Unisex Event-Labor DayNathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1974Roberto Muriel10Unisex Event3.57/4/1974Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1974John Connolly9Unisex Event2.54/7/1974Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1973(Unknown)-Unisex Event-7/4/1973Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1973(Cancelled)-Unisex Event-4/7/1973Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1972Melody Andorfer12Melody Andorfer (Unisex Event)125Labor DayNathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1972Jason Schechter14Unisex Event3.5Memorial DayNathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
1967Walter Paul127Unisex Event606/30/1967Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

* Prior to 2011, Men and Women competed together in a Unisex Competition, with the exception of 1975.

Note:  Any cell with the dash symbol (-) denotes an unknown value.

This is a work in progress and will be continually updated. (Updated 7/4/2023)