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It's an annual tradition for Last Sandwich to combine the best of Sandwich Rock K-Pop with the best of mainstream Fandom K-Pop, in order to create a unified Top 10 K-Pop List that enables us to compare the two different genres.

K-Pop has been a surging force that swept the world over the last two decades, and it seems to be getting stronger each day.  They have revitalized the music industry and given hope to legions of fans, who always seem to be waiting for the next great South Korean artist or song.

K-Pop Impact On Sandwich Rock

Not only has K-Pop reshaped rock and roll music in general, it has also been a godsend for the Sandwich Rock industry.  In the last couple of years, all the best Sandwich Rock songs have been coming out of South Korea as well, which brings us to the purpose of the article.

Our goal is to compare the best of Sandwich Rock K-Pop with the best of mainstream Fandom K-Pop, and see how the two combined genres impact each other.  So, our panel of judges voted on the best songs from both genres and came up with the list below.  

Two Sandwich Songs Make List

As luck (and talent) would have it, two phenomenal Sandwich Rock songs made the grade.  "Hotdog Dance" by the Hamster Powder Club at #7 and "Hamburger" by Roku, which took the top spot at #1.  

So, without further ado, here is our list of Top 10 K-Pop Songs of 2021.  We've also added two additional songs as a bonus.  

Top 10 K-Pop Songs Of 2021

1HamburgerRoku (로쿠)2021Sandwich Rock
2The FeelsTWICE2021Fandom
3WhateverKEEMBO (킴보)2021Fandom
4LILAC (라일락)IU (아이유)2021Fandom
5I'm a 빛Hwa Sa (화사)2021Fandom
6RunSORN (손)2021Fandom
7Hotdog DanceHamster Powder Club (스터 파우더 클럽)2021Sandwich Rock
8Mumumumuch (하늘 땅 바다만큼)MAMAMOO (마마무)2021Fandom
9I Feel Your LoveLuli Lee (이루리)2021Fandom
10Next LevelAespa (에스파)2021Fandom
11WeekendTAEYEON (태연)2021Fandom
12I Miss YouRoku (로쿠)2021Fandom

In order to understand the Four Generations of K-Pop, a simple chart was created below.

The Four Generations Of K-Pop

#K-Pop EraTime SpanDescription
11st Generation1992 to 2000Artists Birth Ranges in the 1970s
22nd Generation2001 to 2011Artists Birth Ranges in the 1980s
33rd Generation2012 to 2019Artists Birth Ranges in the 1990s
44th Generation2020 to PresentArtists Birth Ranges in the 1990s/2000s

Let's take a look at the individual 2021 songs in our Top 10 K-Pop list.

1.  Hamburger By Roku (로쿠)

This could possibly be the best Hamburger Song ever written.  As a loyal devotee of sandwiches, the idea of a hamburger representing a symbol of his past love, we feel that's an amazing analogy.  The tune is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. 

2.  The Feels by TWICE

The topic of who's the best singer in TWICE has always been a source of great debate.  However, most will agree Nayeon is always part of that discussion.  She's a phenomenal singer and dancer, and to be honest, she's a big reason for the band's success.  We can only hope Nayeon's solo career is compelling as her work with TWICE.

3.  Whatever by KEEMBO (킴보)

The MV is genius for its simplicity, and allow the vocals and music to stand on their own merit.  We recommend listening to it without watching the video, and appreciate the song by ear.  You'll find that it's infectious and very well-written. 

4.  LILAC (라일락) by IU (아이유)

Everything about this single is just amazing!  The words, the music, the kung-fu scene in the middle of the video, there wasn't any part of this song we didn't like.  We especially liked IU's performance after kung-fu-ing a bunch of thugs, wiping away her scars by drinking some Irish coffee.  What guy wouldn't want to date a woman like that?    

5.  I'm a 빛 By Hwasa (화사)

In terms of originality, this is as good as it gets.  While Hwasa is still a member of the girl group "Mamamoo", they have recently embarked on individual solo projects, and this may be the best of those efforts.  Awesome song! 

6.  Run by SORN (손)

We don't know a lot about this artist, however, we'll revisit topic and revise this description later.  However, we find ourselves drawn to SORN's music.  

7.  Hotdog Dance by Hamster Powder Club (스터 파우더 클럽)

The mystery surrounding the Hamster Powder Club is palpable, as we know very little about this group.  Their song, Hotdog Dance, has made many of our Sandwich Rock lists over the previous two years.  Currently, they hold a place on the Mount Rushmore of Sandwich Rock.  

8.  Mumumumuch (하늘 땅 바다만큼) by MAMAMOO (마마무)

Hwasa (화사) currently holds two spots on this Top 10 List, one as a solo artist, and one with the girl group "Mamamoo".  It's a cute, groovy dance number that gets the blood pumping. 

9.  I Feel Your Love By Luli Lee (이루리)

This a slow, jazzy tune by Luli Lee, with a deep, funky base line and emotional lyrics. 

10.  Next Level by Aespa (에스파)

Aespa has carved a niche for themselves over the last few years.  After their debut, there were a run of crude imitators, but none can match the unique style of this original group.  Our dream is to attend an Aespa virtual concert in the Metaverse.

Bonus Songs

11.  Weekend by TAEYEON (태연)

An incredible effort by TAEYEON, it's dreamy-like vocals literally make us float in the clouds.  On any other day, this could have easily made our Top 10 list, so we added it as an extra bonus.  It was a close call.  

12.  I Miss You By Roku (로쿠)

It's unusual for a solo artist to have two entries on our list, but in 2020/2021, Roku (로쿠) struck lightening twice.  First, with the song "Hamburger", and second, with the song "I Miss You".  Both are the perfect "heartache" songs.  

slade 01

One of the best Sandwich Rock Songs ever was released by a British Band named Slade back in 1981.  The song, Knuckle Sandwich Nancy, told the story about the lead singer, Noddy Holder, getting his lights knocked out by an overzealous bouncer after a show.  

Of course, everyone knows that a "knuckle sandwich" refers to a punch in the mouth, where the sandwich would be the aggressor's fist.  The way that Holder described the whole incident was so direct and honest, and he didn't hide the fact that he was "put out like a light".  That's what makes the song so great!

There's a detailed description on the album's "Till Deaf Do Us Part" Wikipedia page.

On Wikipedia, it states, "Knuckle Sandwich Nancy has lyrics (that) refer to a real-life incident suffered by (Noddy) Holder. During a 1978 gig in Porthcawl, a bouncer became too aggressive with the fans, to which Holder told him to lay off. The bouncer later attacked Holder after the show, giving him a broken nose and black eyes. Holder would press charges and the bouncer was sent to jail for three months."

The Knuckle Sandwich

Here is the incredible song that Noddy Holder and Jim Lea wrote as a result of the incident, "Knuckle Sandwich Nancy".

Knuckle Sandwich Nancy by Slade

Current Slade Lineup

Slade is an amazing band that has had huge hits, both on their own and by other bands covering their songs.  

The current lineup of Slade is fronted by Dave Hill, and their web site link is listed below.  Plus, there are more videos of Slade on their Youtube Channel, so you can check that out as well.  

slade dave hill 01

Classic Music Videos

Here are two more songs from Slade that Last Sandwich has always liked, "Run Run Away" and "My Oh My".

Run Run Away by Slade

My Oh My by Slade

And just to show the reach that Slade had all over the world, here is a cover of "My Oh My" by Wakin Chau (周華健), a very famous singer from Taiwan and Hong Kong.  

And of course, here is the most famous cover of a Slade song of all-time, the Top 10 USA smash, "Cum On Feel The Noize" for Quiet Riot in 1983.    

alex burger

Hailing from Quebec, Canada, Alex Burger released an amazing album in 2021 called "Sweet Montérégie".  A fascinating and somewhat an unusual entertainer, he once appeared on La Voix playing a cover of Mitsou's "Bye Bye Mon Cowboy", Alex Burger has a unique style all his own.  


Today, we want to take a look at Burger's last two albums and get a feeling for his music.  Without further ado, here is our list of Alex Burger's Top 10 Songs.  

Top 10 Songs By Alex Burger

1C'est pas le PérouAlex Burger2021
2Plus grande que natureAlex Burger2020
3Blood merci (straight to jail)Alex Burger2017
4La Balade du mixologueAlex Burger2021
5Pays ChaudsAlex Burger2017
6J'prends ça pour du cashAlex Burger2021
7Le rock & drôle du bord d'la 20Alex Burger2017
8Chanson pour SimonAlex Burger2021
9À'ment donnéAlex Burger2017
10La randonnéeAlex Burger2021
11Sweet MontérégieAlex Burger2021

Music Videos

The lead single, C'est pas le Pérou, really has an infectious, funky sound.  And the album it's from, Sweet Montérégie, even won the Felix Award for Country Album of the Year at the 43rd Félix Awards in 2021, which is given to artists in the Quebec Music Industry.  

C'est pas le Pérou (Clip officiel) by Alex Burger (2021)

Here's another song from that same 2021 album.  It's a slow number called "Josée".

Josée (Clip officiel) by Alex Burger (2021)

Finally, here is one last number from his "Sweet Montérégie'" album called "Plus Grande Que Nature".  This song really displays his talent as a musician and singer.  

Plus Grande Que Nature by Alex Burger (2020)

cover hotdog 03

After a few years of listening to sandwich music from around the world, Last Sandwich has decided to complile the first-ever Ultimate Sandwich Rock Playlist.  Whether it is Led Zeppelin or HamsandwicH, this playlist encompasses our favorite songs by all the great Sandwich Rock artists.  

In order to get this show on the road, here it is...  

(Work in progress...)

The Ultimate Sandwich Rock Playlist (2021)

1Big NightCheeeseburger2011
2Cruising For BurgersFuse1970
4Eating Fish in Hamburger HeavenLittle Hands of Asphalt2012
6Hotdog DanceHamster Powder Club (햄스터 파우더 클럽)2021
7Broken GlassHamsandwicH2008
9Out Of Here 離開 (Ft. 張震嶽 A-Yue)MC HotDog 熱狗2012
10Derby DayCheeseburger2007
11HamburgerRoku (로쿠)2020
12Sandwiches of YouGodley & Creme1978
13HotdogLed Zeppelin1979
14Hot Pork SandwichesTanita Tikaram1990
15Burger And FriesCharlie Pride1978
16Big Cheeseburgers and Good French FriesBlaze Foley & the Beaver Valley Boys2006
17Cheeseburger In ParadiseJimmy Buffet1978
18Hamburger MidnightLittle Feat1971
19Hotdog Stand (Live)Begonia2021
21CheeseburgerGang of Four1983
22Raw HamburgerKool & The Gang1969
23What Made My Hamburger Disappear?The Unholy Modal Rounders1976
24Hotdog & HamburgersJohn Mellencamp1987
25You're Not My Favourite SandwichElsa Birgitta Bekman2020

Latest Playlist

All the videos in "The Ultimate Sandwich Rock Playlist (2021)" can be found on the Last Sandwich Youtube Channel.  We've included links to our Youtube Channel in the References section.  

We've also embedded the Playlist into our article, so you can listen to all the songs down below.

Sandwich Rock Playlist (2021)

cheeseburger new york band

As an American hard rock band coming out of New York, Cheeseburger has a relatively small body of work consisting of two albums and an EP, but the influence of their songs looms large.  Their music has appeared in an animated television series, video games, and movies.   

One of their band members helped originate the Adult Swim animated series called "Superjail!", and had their band create the theme music for it.  

They are definitely one of the coolest sandwich rock bands of the modern era. 

Here is our list of Top 25 Cheeseburger (NY) Songs.

Top 25 Songs by Cheeseburger (Band)

1Big NightCheeseburger2011
3Derby DayCheeseburger2007
5Tight JeansCheeseburger2011
6Do You Remember?Cheeseburger2007
7Goodtime CharlieCheeseburger2011
8Commin' HomeCheeseburger2010
10Bobby's ThemeCheeseburger2007
12Walkin' After MidnightCheeseburger2007
13Girl's RoomCheeseburger2005
14Hot StreetsCheeseburger2007
15Melissa BrownCheeseburger2007
16Deep In The CupsCheeseburger2011
17Roll Like ThatCheeseburger2011
19Gang's All HereCheeseburger2007
21Money For The HeartCheeseburger2007
23Saturday NightCheeseburger2005
24Easy StreetCheeseburger2007
25Let The Good Times RollCheeseburger2007

Top Music Videos

As always, in honor of some of the best Sandwich Rock songs ever written, here are some of our favorite songs by the band Cheeseburger, "Big Night" and "Derby Day".

Big Night by Cheeseburger

Derby Day by Cheeseburger

If you want to listen to the full albums, there are links for iTunes below.

hot club sandwich bands

Every person has a doppelganger in the world, someone who looks, walks, and talks just like them, possibly even sharing the same name.  Now, imagine if the doppelganger wasn't a person, but an entire band.  Well... that's exactly what happened to the two bands we're focusing on today.

They were from two different countries, spoke in two different accents, and even drove on opposite sides of the street.  And yet, they shared a passion for the same style of music, chose the same band name, and even did a cover version of the same song.  It's truly amazing!

Hot Club Sandwich (NZ)

hot club sandwich nz

On one side of the world, in New Zealand, there were a couple of gentleman who formed a band that played jazz, swing, blues, and country music, and sang about whimsical topics such as rugby and life.  

The band decided to call themselves "Hot Club Sandwich".

They proceeded to make several albums covering a wide genre of music.  However, there was one song in particular that caught their eye.  They chose to cover a popular song from 1942 by the King Cole Trio called "Hit That Jive, Jack" (which was a rearrangement of Skeets Tolbert's slower 1941 version).  

Hit That Jive, Jack (cover) by Hot Club Sandwich (NZ)

And then, on the other side of the world, in America, you had something happen that defies imagination.

Hot Club Sandwich (WA)

hot club sandwich wa

Around the same time the New Zealand group was formed, something amazing was happening in the states.  On the other side of the world, in Washington, USA, there were a group of gentlemen that formed a band which played jazz, swing, choro melodies, and Venezuelan Joropo rhythms.  They were known for playing the classics of the 1930s and 1940s.

They also called themselves "Hot Club Sandwich".

And, in an even weirder twist of fate, they also decided to cover the King Cole Trio version of "Hit That Jive, Jack".

Hit That Jive, Jack (cover) by Hot Club Sandwich (WA)

The Verdict

Hot Club Sandwich (NZ) vs Hot Club Sandwich (WA)

So, which version of "Hit That Jive, Jack" sounds better?  Is it Hot Club Sandwich (NZ) version?  Or the Hot Club Sandwich (WA) version?

While both versions are phenomenal, we find ourselves leaning towards the Hot Club Sandwich (WA) version.  The (NZ) version was a little too fast for our tastes, while the (WA) version was closer to the original, and even added a little flair.  

Last Sandwich Winner:  Hot Club Sandwich (WA)

Bonus Videos

We hope you enjoyed learning about these two great bands that share the same name (and even the same love of jazz music).  As an added bonus, we want to share the original Skeets' version of "Hit That Jive, Jack", along with the King Cole Trio version.  

Hit That Jive, Jack by Skeets Tolbert and His Gentlemen of Swing (1941)

Hit That Jive, Jack by the King Cole Trio (1942)


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