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Sandwich Rock is our passion and represents all that is wonderful in this world.  Today, we want to honor all those artists and bands who chose a sandwich as their name.  Here is a list of our favorite artists and bands who named themselves after sandwiches.

Top 10 Artists Or Bands Named After Sandwiches

#Artist NameCountry of OriginRelated Articles
1HamsandwicHIrelandTop 25 Songs By HamsandwicH
2SandwichPhilippinesTop 10 Songs from Sandwich (Band)
3Hot TunaAmerica (CA)Who Is Hot Tuna?
4MC HotDog 熱狗TaiwanTop 25 Songs By MC Hotdog 熱狗
5CheeseburgerAmerica (NY)Top 25 Songs By Cheeseburger
6HamburgerEnglandHamburger Creates Sandwich Masterpiece
7Hot Club SandwichAmerica (WA)Which Hot Club Sandwich Sings It Better?
8Electric SandwichGermanyPossibly, in the near future.
9The Heavy SandwichAmerica (SC)Possibly, in the near future.
10Cotto's Club SandwichItalyPossibly, in the near future.

The Artists

1.  HamsandwicH

HamsandwicH is an indie rock band from Ireland that have three studio albums and are scheduled to release another later this year.  While they're sometimes criticized for their generic band name, we think it's the coolest thing ever!  

Illuminate by HamsandwicH 

2.  <S>andwich

<S>andwich is a Filipino alternative rock band from the Philippines that has been churning out music as far back as 1999.  Influenced by many different genre, much of their music is hard and fast-paced.  

Procastinator by <S>andwich

3.  Hot Tuna

Hot Tuna is an American blues rock band formed in 1969, which started as a side project to Jefferson Airplane while Grace Slick recovered from Vocal cord nodule surgery.  Founding members Jorma Kaukonen (guitarist/vocals) and Jack Casady (bassist) are still going strong after all these years.  

Water Song by Hot Tuna

4.  MC HotDog 熱狗

MC HotDog 熱狗 is a Taiwanese rap artist known for his use of explicit lyrics in his songs.  He has won numerous awards and is revered by millions of fans, both in Taiwan and China.  

No Breakfast for Hip-Hoppers 不吃早餐才是一件很嘻哈的事 by MC HotDog 熱狗 (Ft. 蛋堡 Soft Lipa)

5.  Cheeseburger

Cheeseburger is an American hard rock band.  Their music has been featured on a popular animated show, Superjail!, which was co-created by their lead guitarist, and video games such as Grand Theft Auto IV and Skate 3.    

Do You Remember? by Cheeseburger

6.  Hamburger

In a story retold on countless publications, Hamburger was formed over a chance meeting at a vegan fast food joint between a couple of band-mates.  What we like to refer to as dreamy sandwich rock, their debut album, Teenage Terrified, was a fine work of artistic craftsmanship.   

Supersad by Hamburger

7.  Hot Club Sandwich

Hot Club Sandwich formed in Olympia, WA after a chance meeting on a front porch.  Every band member gets an opportunity to sing, and gets input on compositions and arrangements to the songs.  

J'attendrai by Hot Club Sandwich (featuring David Lange)

8.  Electric Sandwich

Electric Sandwich were formed in Germany late 1969 by four college students in Bonn.  Typical of many Krautrock bands of the era, these drew on a wide range of influences: jazz, blues, psychedelia, etc., and moulded their own fusion with that typically cosmic yet powerful edge.  

For further reference:  Krautrock (also called kosmische Musik, German for "cosmic music) is a broad genre of experimental rock that developed in West Germany in the late 1960s and early 1970s among artists who blended elements of psychedelic rock, electronic music, and avant-garde composition among other sources.

I Want You by Electric Sandwich

9.  The Heavy Sandwich

There are remnants of this group all over the internet.  Whether it's half-written biographies or an empty, abandoned MySpace page, it makes one wonder what happened to them.  Who were they?  Where did they go?  And why did they disappear?

Of course, maybe the mystery is what makes them so alluring.  So far, we were only able to determine that Heavy Sandwich consisted of 5 guys who started touring together, even before writing songs for their first album.  Over time, they were able to assemble enough songs for an album, released it, and toured some more.  Then suddenly, one day, they disappeared from the internet, never to be seen or heard from again.

Eve by The Heavy Sandwich

10.  Cotto's Club Sandwich

We are still trying to gather information about this band.  So far, the group's only known existance is this song.

The Winner Takes It All by Cotto's Club Sandwich

That's our Top 10 List of Artists and Bands with Sandwich in the Name.  In the future, we will try to find more great Sandwich Rock bands to add to the list.  

roku singer

Today, we are celebrating what could possibly be the best Hamburger Song ever written.  The name of the song is "Hamburger" and the artist's name is Roku (로쿠).  The tune is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. 

When it comes to sandwich love songs, "Hamburger" is on the Mouth Rushmore of Sandwich Rock. 

Love, Hamburgers, Heartbreak

In the beginning, Roku sings about a special memory he shared with someone eating hamburgers, and how that manifested into a burgeoning romance.  The song continues to build upon this theme up until the very end, when in a weird twist, he basically disavows the person he once loved.  It truly is a fine example of great songwriting.  

As a loyal devotee of sandwiches, the idea of a hamburger representing a symbol of his past love, we feel that's an amazing analogy.  However, as you dive deeper into the lyrics, it begs the question of whether he's talking about a real person or the actual sandwich.  Is it possible the hamburger is the true affection of his love?  

In either regard, we are thanful that Roku introduced this magnificent song into the world.  As a token of our thanks, we decided to do a retrospective of the singer's short body of work, and create a list of Roku's 10 Best Songs.  As he is a relatively new singer, we've decided to include all his music as a bonus, since we could only find 17 songs to his name.

Here is our List of Roku's (로쿠) Top 10 Songs of All-Time (with 7 bonus songs added).  

Top 10 Songs By Roku (로쿠)

1I Miss YouRoku (로쿠)2020
2HamburgerRoku (로쿠)2020
3HomeRoku (로쿠)2019
4I Like YouRoku (로쿠)2020
5Do We Really (with Ryu Jisu)Roku (로쿠)2021
6CastawayRoku (로쿠)2019
7By Your SideRoku (로쿠)2021
8ApartRoku (로쿠)2021
9I Was FoolRoku (로쿠)2021
10BoyRoku (로쿠)2019
11TobaccoRoku (로쿠)2021
12FloatRoku (로쿠)2019
13Knock DownRoku (로쿠)2020
14WishRoku (로쿠)2020
15ただ justRoku (로쿠)2020
16Time LeapRoku (로쿠)2019
17PictureRoku (로쿠)2019

Recent Videos

In honor of this artist's love of sandwiches, we want to share two of his best songs. 

The first song may very well be the best Hamburger Song of All-Time.  It contains all the elements of the perfect sandwich song... love, hamburgers, and heartbreak.  Can it get any better than that?  

Hamburger by Roku (로쿠)

The second song is another tear jerker, which is about how he misses the person of his dreams.  And once again, in the video, Roku shows how the memory of a hamburger they shared always echoes through his mind.  

I Miss You by Roku (로쿠)


grilled sendwich shop

GRILLED SeNDWIsH is only a five minute walk from Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall MRT Station (國父紀念館), and it has a variety of different sandwiches, or as they like to say, sendwiches.  As traditionalists, we chose the classic grilled cheese sandwich, and it exceeded expectations.  

The staff was friendly, and the outdoor seating was adequate.  With space around the Sun Yat-sen area at a premium, just being able to sit down to enjoy a meal was pleasant.  


hung rui chen shop

Hung Rui Chen (洪瑞珍) has a sign above their shop that says "Taiwan No. 1 Sandwich", so naturally we wanted to try for ourselves.  However, there was a little problem with the staff and their service.  

Disappointing Customer Service

Long story short, we were sent out into the rain by Hung Rui Chen (洪瑞珍), and we didn't even get to try the sandwich.  It really put a damper on the whole mood.  

Luckily, there was a 2nd sandwich we purchased from another Hung Rui Chen shop in one of our bags.  So, we took the wrapper off at home, and that's the one we used for this review.  Basically, the sandwich was okay, but the service we experienced that day was quite impolite and confusing. 

Last Sandwich On Earth

So, here is the big question:  If I was dying, and I needed to choose my "last sandwich", would I choose one from Hung Rui Chen?

The answer is "No".  But, we have high standards and not every sandwich makes our Last Sandwich List.

To be perfectly frank, the No. 1 sandwich in Taiwan comes from Toasteria Cafe', and Hung Rui Chen (洪瑞珍) would not even be in our Top 10.  I am very curious why they put "Taiwan's No. 1 Sandwich" on all of their advertising, and will update this article if I ever get an answer to that question.  

Ending on a positive note, the restaurant's atmosphere was very pleasant, and the counter and floors were very clean.  I feel safe eating their food, and it seems very sanitary.  


alex hamburger

Alex Hamburger's music takes one back to the smokey pubs and all-night jazz scenes.of yesteryear, where the men sported borsalino hats, and the women wore French foulards with a beret.  There's a single street light on the corner, and only people with the right password are allowed into the pub.  It's the kind of music that sounds better with a fine chardonnay, or even a 20-year old bottle of scotch. 

Alex Hamburger has been a mainstay in the jazz scene for a while, honing her talents as a flutist, singer, and composer.  Her most recent album, And She Spoke, was released in 2021, and has been lauded for it's highly orchestrated and creative arrangments.  


In order to get a better appreciation of her talents, Last Sandwich listened to her last album, along with two previous collaborations with other artists.  Afterwards, we created a list of our Top 10 Favorite Songs by Alex Hamburger.  

Top 10 Songs By Alex Hamburger

1Unconditional LoveAlex Hamburger2021
2Waking in the CityAlex Hamburger2021
3Last Chance LostAlex Hamburger2021
4AmeliaAlex Hamburger & José Luiz Martins2019
5Buring the LettersAlex Hamburger2021
6It Comes UnadornedAlex Hamburger2021
7SerenityAlex Hamburger & José Luiz Martins2019
8Across the UniverseAlex Hamburger2021
9What's Your Story Morning GloryAlex Hamburger2021
10La Desesperación es la Pasión Verdaderamente HumanaAlex Hamburger2021

Music Videos

One of our favorite songs by Alex Hamburger was a song called "Last Chance Lost", which came from her first solo album, And She Spoke (2021).

Last Chance Lost by Alex Hamburger

And here's another number from the same album, a song called "Unconditional Love".

Unconditional Love by Alex Hamburger

From the album, Vapor Trails, the next two songs, Amelia and Serenity, were the result of a collaboration between Alex Hamburger and José Luiz Martins.  

Amelia by Alex Hamburger and José Luiz Martins

Serenity by Alex Hamburger and José Luiz Martins

band roku 03

Sandwich Rock Bands have had it rough.  Due to the pandemic restrictions of the past two years, recording sessions have been cancelled, tour dates post-poned, and album releases have been on hold. 

As a result, a lot of amazing sandwich music has been delayed, so in order to compensate, we've taken the last two years of Sandwich Rock and combined it into one incredible Top 10 List.  

Top 10 Sandwich Rock Songs of 2021

#TitleArtistYearRelated Articles
1HamburgerRoku (로쿠)2020Top 10 Roku (로쿠) Songs
2Hotdog DanceHamster Powder Club (햄스터 파우더 클럽)2021Top 10 Songs By Hamster Powder Club (햄스터 파우더 클럽)
3You're Not My Favourite SandwichElsa Birgitta Bekman2020What Is Elsa Birgitta Bekman's Favorite Sandwich?
4Hotdog Stand (Live)Begonia2021Begonia Makes Hotdog Stand Sound Endearing
5SupersadHamburger2020Hamburger Creates Sandwich Masterpiece
6ELECTRO~WAVEHamsandwicH2021Top 25 Songs By HamsandwicH
7Sandwich SongAnthony Green2021Possibly, in the near future.
8Hot Dog Man (The Weiner Salute)Bro Brocean2021Possibly, in the near future.
9Vegan BurgersKurtis Hoppie2021Possibly, in the near future.

Top Sandwich Rock Songs (2021)

1.  Hamburger by Roku (로쿠)

2.  Hotdog Dance by Hamster Powder Club (햄스터 파우더 클럽)

3.  You're Not My Favourite Sandwich by Elsa Birgitta Bekman

4.  Hotdog Stand (Live) by Begonia

5.  Supersad by Hamburger

6.  ELECTRO~WAVE by HamsandwicH

7.  Sandwich Song by Anthony Green

8.  Hot Dog Man (The Weiner Salute) by Bro Brocean

9.  Vegan Burgers by Kurtis Hoppie

10.  苦天樂 Bittersweet Rap Song by 大淵MUTA ft. MC HotDog 熱狗

We hoped you enjoy this tasty Sandwich Rock music from 2020-2021 as much as we did.  Let's hope that the upcoming year has even more incredible music about sandwiches!!


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