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Panini Brunch (파니니 브런치) is an amazing singer from South Korea, who carved an unusual niche in the world of Sandwich Rock over the last decade.  While much of her music centers on slow love songs, which share stories of romance and heartbreak, she also built a catalog of upeat K-Pop songs as well. 

She made her debut in the music industry with ‘Cold Wind Blows (Ft. Baksal)’ in 2015, and has been a very popular singer for years.  According to various news sources, Panini Brunch (파니니 브런치) has been steadily gaining a fanbase through a number of popular OST's (original soundtracks).  For those who aren't aware, the OST (original soundtrack) is an integral part of any South Korean drama. The songs regularly top the music charts and the lead actors often feature on the tracks too.

In honor of her amazing catalog of Sandwich Rock music, here's the Last Sandwich list of Top 50 Songs from Panini Brunch.

Top 50 Songs By Panini Brunch (파니니 브런치)

#SongArtist (English)Artist (Korean)Year
1When the Cold Wind Blows (Ft. Baksal)Panini Brunch파니니 브런치2015
2SoftlyPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2018
3I Listen To This Song TodayPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2021
4DarlingPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2023
5Shy GlancePanini Brunch파니니 브런치2016
6My Heart Is PoundingPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2019
7Tell Me It's PrettyPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2021
8PartingPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2022
9Riding A Bus AlonePanini Brunch파니니 브런치2016
10Beautiful MemoriesPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2016
11Already Been A YearPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2017
12Do You RememberPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2016
13OnlyPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2016
14Run To YouPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2018
15The Night I Miss You (ft. Lime)Panini Brunch파니니 브런치2018
16Would You Know My HeartPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2023
17Still TodayPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2023
18I Still Need YouPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2021
19Cherry Blossoms Come OutPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2016
20The Last GoodbyePanini Brunch파니니 브런치2022
21Sometimes I Miss YouPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2022
22AlreadyPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2018
23White WonderlandPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2017
24Traces Of YouPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2021
25I Like ItPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2020
26Tell Me WhyPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2023
27Abyss Of SorrowPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2023
28Can I Say I Love You?Panini Brunch파니니 브런치2019
29Me In LongingPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2023
30Again WinterPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2021
31Just GoPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2020
32Want To Do Something NicePanini Brunch파니니 브런치2019
33More And More (ft. Ha Jin Woo)Panini Brunch파니니 브런치2018
34More Than UsualPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2017
35Come BackPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2021
36How Do U DoPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2022
37I Need You To Tell MePanini Brunch파니니 브런치2017
38Do You Want To Meet TodayPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2017
39I Want To Confess FirstPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2020
40Please Don't Look So PrettyPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2017
41I Didn't Know It Was So Hard For YouPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2020
42How Do You Break UpPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2022
43Autumn Night Street LampPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2019
44Come To Me (Ft. DJ Deborah)Panini Brunch파니니 브런치2021
45To Reach YouPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2022
46When I Loved You (Ft. DJ Deborah)Panini Brunch파니니 브런치2019
47Spring RoadPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2018
48I Love YouPanini Brunch파니니 브런치2020
49Only Me LovePanini Brunch파니니 브런치2023
50Call Your Name (Ft. Baksal)Panini Brunch파니니 브런치2016

Breath Of Fresh Air

All of Panini Brunch's songs have an air of freshness that soothe the listener into a state of complete relaxation.  Here are some of our favorite songs from the list above.

Softly by Panini Brunch

Shy Glance by Panini Brunch

When the Cold Wind Blows by Panini Brunch

Favorite OSTs

After going through her collection of Original Soundtrack songs (OSTs), these were two of our favorites.  As you listen to each song, you can almost feel the romance or heartbreak the lead characters are experiencing in each episode's climax. 

We've never seen either show, but we could feel the beautiful, intense energy eminating through her voice.

Parting by Panini Brunch

Beautiful Memories by Panini Brunch

(Work in progress...)

cuba sandwich yoon jong shin 윤종신 쿠바 샌드위치

For the last several years, K-Pop has leading the charge in sandwich music, more so than any other country in the world.  South Korean artists have both shaped and redefined the genre of Sandwich Rock.

So, in honor of the sandwich-loving K-Pop artists who created so many beautiful sandwich masterpieces over the past few years, here is our list of Top 10 K-Pop Sandwich Songs. 

Top 10 K-Pop Songs About Sandwiches

#SongArtistArtist (Korean)TypeYear
2Cuba Sandwich (쿠바 샌드위치)Yoon Jong-shin (with Skull & Haha)윤종신 (with 스컬&하하)Cuban Sandwich2015
3Cheeseburger Blues (치즈버거블루스)Choi Hang-seok and Boogie Monster최항석과 부기몬스터Cheeseburger2021
4Hamburger SongEXN (with lIlBOI)을씨년 (with 릴보이)Hamburger2022
5Hamburger (햄버거)Zzangdalla짱달라Hamburger2018
6Good Morning Sandwich Man (굿모닝 샌드위치 맨)Peppertones페퍼톤스Sandwich2014
7Hotdog DanceHamster Powder Club스터 파우더 클럽Hotdog2021
8CheeseburgerKISU (with JINHONG)기수 (with 진홍)Cheeseburger2022
9Cheeseburger (치즈버거)Vandy City반디시티Cheeseburger2022
10Hamburger and Coke (햄버거와 콜라)Song G (with Mira)송지 (with 미라)Hamburger2012

As you can see, there is an unbelievable stable of incredible K-Pop artists on that list.  Let's take a look at each individual band/singer and song.

1.  Hamburger by Roku (로쿠)

Every element of "Hamburger" is fundamentally perfect.  You can feel Roku's heartbreak through every line in the song.

2.  Cuba Sandwich by Yoon Jong-shin (with Skull & Haha)

The english name of the tune is "Cuban Sandwich", but it certainly sounds like they are singing "Cuba Sandwich".  In any case, it's very original and teaches you how to make the sandwich too!

3.  Cheeseburger Blues by Choi Hang-seok and Boogie Monster

There's no blues like the cheeseburger blues.

4.  Hamburger Song by EXN (with lIlBOI)

The breakout Hamburger Song of 2022.

5.  Hamburger by Zzangdalla

This group really needs to make more music.  Maybe next time they can sing about a hotdog, or even a submarine sandwich!

6.  Good Morning Sandwich Man by the Peppertones

The oldest song on our list, but definitely one of the best. 

7.  Hotdog Dance by the Hamster Powder Club

Definitely a Sandwich Rock classic!  Whatever happened to these guys?  We hope they come back and make more great music about sandwiches.

8.  Cheeseburger by KISU (with JINHONG)

Some K-Pop fans love this song so much they made 1-hour loop videos on Youtube.  These guys are making me fall in love with cheeseburgers all over again, as if it's my first time.

9.  Cheeseburger by Vandy City

What is it with K-Pop's fascination with Cheeseburgers?  This is the 3rd time a cheeseburger song made the list. 

10.  Hamburger and Coke by Song G (with Mara)

I really have a craving for fast food right now.

We really hope you enjoyed our walk down Sandwich Rock K-Pop memory lane.  We will try to update this list as more songs come to our attention.

(Work in progress...)

Choi Yena's (최예나) Top 10 Songs Of All Time 노래

Choi Yena (최예나) has catapulted into the K-Pop stratosphere and into the hearts of millions around the world.  With recent hits such as Smiley, SmartPhone, and WithOrWithOut, Yena has exceeded all expectations from her solo debut.  

In celebration of her emergence onto the K-Pop scene, we decided to do a retrospective of Yena's first two EPs.  So, without further ado, here is a ranking of Yena's songs from her freshman year.  

Top 10 Songs By Yena (최예나)

1WithOrWithOutYena (최예나)2022
2SMILEY (Ft. BIBI)Yena (최예나)2022
3Make U SmileYena (최예나)2022
4Lemon-AidYena (최예나)2022
5Hate Rodrigo (Ft. YUQI)Yena (최예나)2023
6Wash AwayYena (최예나)2023
7I Don't Care (cover) (ft. Lee Mu-jin)Yena (최예나)2022
8UYena (최예나)2022
9Lxxk 2 UYena (최예나)2022
10VacayYena (최예나)2022

Note:  This is a work in progress and will be continually updated. (Updated 7/12/2023)

Yena Is A Quadruple Threat

To many K-Pop fanatics, Yena is considered to be a Triple Threat, which is a great dancer, singer, and actress, all rolled up into one.  She is a "performer" in the truest sense of the word.  Everytime she's up on stage, it's like watching a story unfold before our eyes, and it's flawless.  Yena has mastered what it takes to be a superstar.

However, in our minds, Yena is more than a Triple Threat... she is a Quadruple Threat.

What is a Quadruple Threat you ask?  That is someone who can dance, sing, act, and...  is a virtuoso at eating giant sandwiches.  Watching Yena munch away, bite after bite, it truly made her a legend in the world of Sandwich Rock.  She's everything we look for in a K-Pop idol, she has it all.  

Bonus Videos

All joking aside, we really think that Yena is amazing and look forward to more incredible music from her.  And now, as an added bonus, here are three of our favorite Yena songs.

WithOrWithOut by Yena (최예나)

Is it only me, or is there a bit of a 2NE1 vibe going on?  This definitely has a Generation 2.5 flavor and style to it... and that's pretty cool.  

Make U Smile by Yena (최예나)

For some reason, this tune doesn't fare well when Yena sings it live.  So, here is the original audio version.   On a side note, sometimes we hear a small voice singing, "When you wish upon a star..." and "Somewhere over the rainbow..." in our heads.  

SMILEY by Yena (최예나)

What else can you say?  This song has everything a gamer and anime lover could hope for.  Generation 4 is in full swing and we're just along for the ride.  

We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 10 Yena Songs, and hope you can come back and enjoy more entertaining Sandwich Rock articles in the future!

Choi Yena 최예나 Eating A Sandwich 노래

Choi Yena (최예나) has taken the K-Pop World by storm, and is a galactic supernova of positive energy, which is reflective in two of her most popular singles, Smiley and WithOrWithOut.  In some ways, she is reminiscent of other young female artists who also experienced quick trajectories to fame, such as Ariana Grande or Britney Spears. 

In order to get a better understanding of who Yena is, we researched extensively and came up with the following list.  As far as we can tell, according to the K-Pop Publicity Machine, these are the main reasons the world loves Yena (최예나).    

Top 10 Reasons People Love Choi Yena (최예나)

1She likes Giant Sandwiches
2Smiley is one of Top 10 K-Pop Singles of 2022
3She is a galactic supernova of positive energy
4Yena is a Triple Threat (dancer, singer, actress)
5She appreciates her fans
6Has her own catch phrases and mannerisms
7Paid her dues through hard work and competition
8She is naturally cute and bubbly
9Shows appreciation for both family and friends
10Yena covered previous K-Pop Generations songs

Let's examine each item on our chart individually, and learn about what makes singer "Yena" one of the most beloved K-Pop singers in the world.  

1.  Yena Eats A Giant Sandwich

For us, the most impressive thing about Yena is the way she eats a sandwich.  She doesn't hold anything back, and just chomps into it with no abandon.  For this reason alone... Yena is our hero!!


2 - 4.  Yena's "Smily" One Of Top 10 K-Pop Songs Of 2022

One thing about Yena, she really is a great entertainer, and it's fun to watch her perform.  The energy and charisma she shows on both the screen and on stage is addicting.  That's why we named the single "SMILEY" one of the Top 10 K-Pop Songs of 2022.  (Currently, her song is listed at Number Eight.)

However, to be honest, Yena is our favorite singer of 2022 (she's our defintion of a "triple threat").  SMILEY and WithOrWithOut are the two songs we listen to the most.  If this list was about the Top 10 K-Pop Performers of 2022, Yena (최예나) would easily be #1.

Article Link:  Top 10 K-Pop Songs of 2022

SMILEY by Yena (최예나) Featuring BIBI

5.  Yena Being Humble on M Countdown

M Countdown is the world's number one K-Pop Chart show, according to MWave's website.  Since 2004, they have honored such artists as Big Bang, Rain, 2NE1, PSY, T-ara, Girls' Generation, BTS, and many other K-Pop legends.  

So, when Yena won for the song "Smiley" on February 10, 2022, she was clearly overwhelmed on being added to that exclusive list.  Moved so much, in fact, that she had difficulty performing the song after receiving the award.  It's another reason why we appreciate her so much.  

Yena's Emotional M Countdown Performance

6 - 10.  Yena Is Naturally Talented And So Cute

Watch this video of Yena performing at Talent Compeitions, with her band mates in Iz*One, or just eating a giant sandwich. 

Is there anything more cuter than this?  

Those are reasons enough to enjoy Choi Yena's amazing energy and talent.  The world is currently Yena's sandwich, all she has to do is take a bite!!

Bonus Songs

As a bonus, we've decided to add our three favorite songs by Yena (최예나).  Instead of showing the Official Video versions, we've decided to display Yena's full talent by showing the Live versions instead.

WithOrWithOut by Yena
(최예나, WithOrWithOut)

SMILEY by Yena
(최예나 - 스마일리)

Shy Boy by YENA (Original song by Secret)
From M2's Relay Dance Again feature, Yena does a dance cover of Secret's song, Shy Boy.

exn (을씨년) hamburger song kpop 2022 last sandwich

The 4th Generation of K-Pop has created a wave of great music unlike any the world has ever seen.  These new artists are responsible for creating such hits such as EXN's Hamburger Song, Roku's Hamburger, and Hamster Powder Club's Hot Dog Dance, three classics which will forever stand in the annals of Sandwich Rock history.

Sandwich Rock K-Pop Comparison

Every year, Last Sandwich will compile a Top 10 K-Pop Singles list, allowing us to see how the current Sandwich Rock K-Pop compares to the mainstream Fandom K-Pop.  It's a fun exercise to see how this year's K-Pop sandwich songs stack up against the rest of mainstream K-Pop music.  

Sandwich Song Tops List

So, after tallying up votes from our panel of judges, we were able to create our table of Top 10 K-Pop Songs for 2022.  As it turns out, EXN's Hamburger Song was chosen as this year's top single, proving once again that Sandwich Rock reigns supreme.

In addition, we've also included three honorable mentions that just barely missed the cut.  Check out this year's list below.

Top 10 K-Pop Songs Of 2022

1Hamburger SongEXN (을씨년) FT 릴보이 (lIlBOI)2022Sandwich Rock
2CelebPSY2022 (2019)Fandom
3Heart Burn (열이올라요)Sunmi (선미)2022Fandom
4Hey Gabby! (안녕 개비!)NMIXX2022Fandom
5But You (너라는 이유)iKON2022Fandom
6Polaroid LoveENHYPEN2022Fandom
8SmileyYENA (최예나)2022Fandom
9No CelestialLE SSERAFIM2022Fandom
10Still Life (봄여름가을겨울)BIGBANG2022Fandom
11StarlightTAEIL (태일)2022Fandom
12Thank YouBrave Girls (브레이브걸스)2022Fandom
13DMfromis_9 (프로미스나인)2022Fandom

Let's examine each song individually below.

1.  Hamburger Song by EXN (을씨년)

EXN (을씨년) and 릴보이 (lIlBOI) do an excellent job showing the conflict between good hamburger vs evil hamburger, and how heavily it weighs on their minds.  In terms of music, the Hamburger Song currently stands on the Mount Rushmore of Sandwich Rock.

2.  Celeb By PSY

Bae Suzy (배수지).   That says it all.

3.  Heart Burn (열이올라요) By Sunmi (선미)

After seeing this video, who hasn't tried to do the Island Dance?  (At least, that's how we would describe it.)  Yet, it's the talented song writing that really stood out.  It's an incredible musicial work of art.   

4.  Hey Gabby! (안녕 개비!) By NMIXX

Meow, Meow.  Every year, artists and bands try to capitalize on people's love of cats by writing cutesy kitty songs.  Well, this is the breakout cute kitty song of the year.  

5.  But You (너라는 이유) by iKON

Rev up the engine, put the foot on the pedal, and just floor it!  This is the perfect music for driving aimlessly at night.  

6.  Polaroid Love by ENHYPEN

Still learning about this band.  But, it's really incredible music.

7.  TOMBOY by (G)I-DLE

The heavy guitar base sound really makes and breaks this song.  You can literally feel the fire and energy explode from the speakers, which is really... awesome.

8.  SMILEY by Yena (최예나) Featuring BIBI

One thing about Yena, she really is a great entertainer, and it's fun to watch her perform.  The energy and charisma she shows on both the screen and on stage is addicting.

Side Note:  To be honest, Yena is our favorite singer of 2022 (she's our defintion of a "triple threat").  SMILEY and WithOrWithOut are the two songs we listen to the most.  If this list was about the Top 10 K-Pop Performers of 2022, Yena (최예나) would easily be #1.  

As a bonus, here is Yena (최예나) singing SMILEY live with her dance crew.  

9.  No Celestial by LE SSERAFIM

Just when you thought it was safe, another shark K-Pops up and chases the competition out of the water.  Bad puns aside, we really love the energy of LE SSERAFIM's new album.  And, while "No Celestial" is not the lead track, it's still the best.  

10.  Still Life (봄여름가을겨울) by BIGBANG

While we love this popular "mainstreak" (not a typo) K-Pop song that rocketed up the charts, it had a lot of great competition.  However, we still find ourselves listening to it from time to time.  

Honorable Mentions

11.  Starlight by TAEIL (태일)

This singer has a great voice.  Plus, it follows the traditional formula for Korean drama love songs, and TAEIL knows how to push all the right buttons.  

12.  Thank You by Brave Girls (브레이브걸스)

Another amazing dance tune for the clubs.

13.  DM by fromis_9 (프로미스나인)

This may be the best K-Pop Girl Band dance single for 2022.  Music is in the air, the lights are flashing, and you can practically feel that groovy-like atmosphere.  Time to hit the dance floor everyone!     

lucky zou zou cover 01

In some ways, Lucky Zou Zou (來去走走) is a secluded tropical paradise, hidden away from the real world and surrounded by nature.  Imagine drinking an ice cold beer underneath the trees, with the mountain landscape at your back, and eating food more delicious than anyone can imagine.  That's the feeling you have when eating at the Lucky Zou Zou.  

Romantic Hideaway

Located in New Taipei City, less than one block away from Danjin Denggong LRT (淡金鄧公站), it can be somewhat difficult to find.  But the journey itself can be its own reward.  Along with its neighboring shop, Maverick Cubano, they share tables underneath towering trees, surrounded by a variety of exotic plants and mountainside.  It's one of the most unique and beautiful places you can visit by train.  

In fact, the shop's so remote that it has become one of the best kept secrets in Taiwan, frequented by locals who are looking for a romantic hideaway, or a spot to meet with friends.  Lucky Zou Zou (來去走走) is truly a beautiful oasis, camouflaged high up north, away from the crowds of Taipei, and separated from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  

Buried Treasure

Now, if Lucky Zou Zou is a tropical paradise, then the Chicken Fajita Wrap would be its buried treasure, a delicious blend of chicken, vegetables, and fruits that captivates the senses.  It is absolutely one of the best sandwiches we have ever tasted.

It is rare to find a precious gem as tasty as the Chicken Fajita Wrap in this region, let alone the world, which makes the long journey to their shop even more worthwhile.  

Night Lights

And at night, when the glimmering lights are beckoning customers in, it becomes even more magical.  There is an effervescent neon glow that eminates from their shops, which can be seen from half a mile away, and it only adds to Lucky Zou Zou's mystical feeling.  It's the perfect romantic location for any couples retreat.  

So, if you are looking for some place special, a remote, romantic and secluded spot, then this is the perfect restaurant for you.  It's a beautiful, intimate oasis, especially in the evening hours.  



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